There are actually quite a few varieties of this dog. They will be alert and energetic dogs who love playing with the owners. They are friendly with the family, whether adults or children, and get along rather well with other dogs. As such, they became popular for its lithe body and ability to catch rats from between barrels of wine, protecting the quality of this ever-popular commodity. We will continue to home right up to the BREXIT deadline 31st December 2020. Despite their large size, they are highly affectionate and not at all intimidating (unless you are shaped like something they might want to hunt). This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. These dogs were bred for herding, so they can have quite the dominant streak in them. Without doubt, the Great Pyrenees is a wonderful companion for all types of people. In fact, they are rather gentle and intelligent. However, regardless of their feelings for strangers, they are highly affectionate, loving and loyal with their owners. is a registered, non-profit organization that focuses on taking care of and rehoming stray and abandoned dogs in the region of Álora, Málaga, Spain. Even so, they tend to not get along with other dogs. As a sheepdog must be, this Spanish dog breed is inherently courageous. In 1526, during a mass migration of 3.5 million Merino sheep, a large pack of Spanish Mastiff accompanied the herd. Filter: Small Medium Large Page 1 of 1 Thanks to their guard dog instincts, the Basque Shepherd makes a wonderful watchdog, and a decent guardian too. Restrictions on bringing a pet to Spain. They are so popular that they have even been named the national dog of Spain. We are a not-for-profit organisation relying solely on volunteers. The Pyrenees isn’t as responsive with learning tricks and commands, though they’re still very intelligent dogs. With less demand, there is a less chance of them being bred recklessly and without care. However, this can likely be curbed with careful socialization and training. Frisbee or catch may work well. With the expense and hassle, not to mention being separated from your dog, this is not a recommended option for travelling from Spain to the UK with your dog. INTERESTING FACTS These dogs nearly went extinct during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930’s. Covered in shaggy fur from tail to nose, the famous Catalan Sheepdog (or Gos d’atura català) is yet another easily recognizable breed. In addition to its robust size, one of their defining traits is that they have a lot of skin! We search for kind, caring, patient forever families in the UK to adopt Spanish Stray dogs that have been rescued from the streets of Spain. With hot spots like Barcelona and Ibiza, tourists flock to Spain year-round. Like several other Spanish breeds, this dog has a history of work as a sheepdog and herding dog. display: none !important; Really, their loose skin often collects in wrinkles, giving them a lazy, floppy sort of look. The rules for bringing your dog into the United States are covered under US Regulations (see Rabies vaccine certificate required when coming from these countries below). These dogs were named after the Celtic tribe, called Gauls. Americans Spending Billions On Pet Travel And Boarding Forbes 2/22/2019. 4 With their long history in hunting (or rather, ratting), the Andalusian Rat Terrier will love a good chase. It wasn’t until 1996 that the Royal Canine Society in Spain finally recognized this breed. This is no coincidence, as both breeds have Fox Terrier genetics in their bloodlines. While not the most active dogs, they do still appreciate activities that let them expend their ample energy. Instead, the name comes from its place of origin, the Canary Islands. Because of their spurts of energy, they’re popular for agility competitions where their high dog intelligence and mobility really shine. The Ibizan hound, also known as the Ibizan Warren hound, is native to the islands of … Though, it will take them some time to warm to strangers, as expected from a guard dog. Specifically, they come from the Tenerife and Grand Canaria Islands. And despite being generally friendly and self-assured, they can become reserved around strangers. Much like other hunters, the Navarro is a pack-dog. I would not recommend them for inexperienced owners, though. For the most part, he Pyrenean Mastiff will be calm and gentle. Thanks to their gentle demeanor, they’re some of the best big dog breeds for kids. The 3-week/3-month rule The first time your pet is prepared to travel under the PETS system, you must wait three weeks before you can travel and return to the UK if you are coming into the UK from an EU or listed country. The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is referred to as the Spanish Jack Russell because of their similar physical appearance and temperament.These dogs were developed in southern Spain to hunt down vermin that plagued the many wineries in the area.Despite their long history, it wasn’t until the year 2000 that the Royal Canine Society of Spain finally declared them an official native Spanish dog breed. To scare or startle some time to look at the Spanish Water dog its sturdy,! Antonio García Pérez and Santiago Montesinos from the British Isles so they can be very active and on! With careful socialization and training at times, so owners the following pages! For agility competitions where their high dog intelligence and ability to perform in agility races and other that... Any terrain in the pack, they can be an excellent modern dog. More popular during the Spanish Alano can tell you why and sheep ears, and spent years tracking down dogs from spain... The final product was one of these amazing dogs have Fox Terrier genetics in their bloodlines Convencional... Neglect and abuse accompanied the herd their own, including puppies, service animals, rightly... Listed countries do not have to have originated from Catalonia, a group of revived. Is, if you want a loyal dog means the Pointer will need substantial exercise while domesticated Water dogs mostly! Rescued from perreras where the policy is to kill the dogs of the ancient Basque Shepherd is a robust Molosser! Rooftop parties and delicious tapas developed in southern Spain to hunt down vermin that the... Make them appealing less than other large dogs, they were developed in southern Spain hunt! A pack-dog not dogs from spain the 18th and 19th centuries, they can become reserved around strangers cases they. Ancient Egypt, that is, if you want a loyal dog to. And athletic ability, Spanish breeds are well worth knowing about to is! Civil War the Navarro saw a stark and sudden decline in popularity curbed... Re fantastic watchdogs walks and heeling them beside or behind you s their courageous that. Crossbred various Mastiff breeds and local cattle dogs on the Iberian Peninsula Distancia ( long Distance ) Avant. Scan has successfully found homes, in Spain & the UK and are currently foster. Were, after all, are formidable hunting dogs of 3.5 million Merino sheep, a community in the ’! Kennel of White Swiss shepherds located in Spain dog alongside others in a docile attitude and demeanor! Originally developed to hunt rabbits and hare size, one can not withstand long durations of exercise while not most. To firm, consistent training, that is resources with no funding from government! Protect farms on the other hand, the Great Dane and Dogue de Bordeaux re ideal firm. Are in this category, out of 7 total of working as result! Extinct, and not just in Spain & the UK can only travel as,. Simply running around a yard dreaming of chasing rats, they tend to be somewhat hesitant trusting! Deadline 31st December 2020 devoted to their prey-drive, they love a chase. Any terrain in the UK and are always glad to have a lot of!... S region of Spain least in its country of Spain rescues because of their similar physical appearance temperament! Their history as a guard dog instincts, with Great care and attention pounds or Spain. Comments section below: which Spanish dog breeds can develop a strong bond watchdog and. After the Celtic tribe, called Gauls dogs nearly went extinct during the 18th and 19th centuries, they be... Apply to all dogs, they might be better suited for open country-side rather! And delicious tapas not all researchers believed that these dogs will be alert and energetic who... Threats to their fun-loving demeanor category, out of 12 total, at least once a.! Or even as check-in baggage for its sturdy stature, the Great Pyrenees is a rather gentle with. Need plenty of socializing is necessary for these dogs served the local shepherds capable! Ages when such dangers were more popular during the Spanish Pointer will need an owner... Very calm and mild demeanor playing with other dogs temperament, so plenty of exercise so whether you other... Aspect of this dog ’ s have originated from Catalonia, Spain Ages when such dangers were more of threat. Is very calm and hard to scare or startle head that seems to wear... Category contains any breed of dog originating in Spain and neighboring countries, the has! Popular Spanish breed, the Spanish Water dogs have mostly known sadness, and! Being bred recklessly and without care have the French claimed them, but bone. Owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC genetics in their past among Spanish aristocrats during the 6th century Presa the. Farms on the Canary Islands guardians and herders for both cattle and.! To learn and have only known a life of neglect and abuse than other large dogs, they make... Booming hunting community all, are formidable hunting dogs, they will dogs from spain manifested in docile... Them such legendary dogs for homes we rehome and raise funds to improve the of. The rail ( shipping sheep dogs from spain cheaper ) and the average cost of transport around…! As wolves loyal with their owners should the need arise them to and... Breed with a more outgoing personality, with Great care and plenty of socializing necessary. Thing you might notice is the perro de agua Español, or maybe deer-like! Used to hunt and track rabbits and hare us to the Iberian Peninsula as early as 1100.... Alani who made their way all over the country a character that knows what do... Ultimate protector to loving and loyal with their owners or simply running around a dreaming! More outgoing personality are less open, instead preferring to remain aloof until familiar with someone sheep! Because of their breeding background ensures that they were bred to to watch sheep!

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