It’s a thicker mattress that makes it sit higher something I also like. I notice I wake up less and sleep longer than my previous mattress. I was absolutely impressed by the superior level of quality and comfort put fourth by this mattress, as I found myself sleeping soundly throughout the night on day one! Process is horrible and 4 years into a 25 year mattress? But really maybe that’s too much attention to detail but hey I appreciate everything this beauty rest is offering! Black is the most luxurious (and expensive) and Silver is the most affordable. Avoid Simmons at all cost. That was yr 1 . If I laid on my side, I could feel the pain let up in my hips. Excellent quality ! The cooling feature is phenomenal and I never wake up too hot in the middle of the night anymore. When reading reviews about the Beautyrest brand, we noticed two trends. I will never do business with them again. This mattress is too soft for me. The new mattress was 3 years old last April and is doing even worse than the first, with sunken areas of 4” easily. I like the way it feel, the softness but yet support my body. I bought it based on reviews and a sale price for someone else. Additionally, the Black Series has triple stranded coils which provide greater durability than traditionally single wrapped coils. Buy a Nectar or anything that costs a fraction of their prices because you will be replacing them and paying more money down the line. It’s a fabulous mattress! Beautyrest (low end $199 to $699) I then switched to a Stearns and Foster. I AM OUT A LOT OF MONEY and am on SS retired. I slept in her guest room while there and absolutely loved the mattress. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who doesn't mind a very firm mattress. But we love the height of it right now. With multiple cooling layers and micro-diamond technology that further diffuses heat, this mattress should sleep quite cool. Had this restored spirits five years.the last three years were hell. Final Simmons Beautyrest Review. I finally bought a 4" memory foam topper to put on it and she hasn't complained since. Moved to guest room until I find new mattress. 1958 Simmons is the first company to introduce the Queen and King bed sizes. I received the Beautyrest Black L-Class mattress in medium firmness over a month ago. It is also beautiful. Most customers will like this -- especially back sleepers. The Simmons Beautyrest is a great option for people who need a lot from their mattresses and are willing to pay for it. JUST NOT SATISFIED. I thought it would be a little softer on the top but I still sleep great. I get hot easily when sleeping but with this bed I always managed to stay cooler and was nice that if I moved over a little it was instantly feeling cool regardless what side of the bed I was sleeping on.Firm but comfortable! Flash forward, my wife and I have been sleeping in "ruts" for about 6 months and finally I sent in a warranty claim as per instructions. My bed sags and is causing back pain. Here are some key facts and pointers about the Beautyrest mattress and the company in general: One of the oldest and most innovative, Simmons invented the Pocketed Coil® spring back in 1925, which is a technology widely used in all of their current collections we review here. I tried many mattresses in 4 different stores one Saturday and most were fine but as soon as I lay on this Simmons Beautyrest, something felt different. Simmons Beautyrest Silver Fernanda Plush-Mattress, is the best mattress that I have ever slept on. Cover separating from mattress because you have to use the handles to lift this monster to change bedding. Besides, they also have an outstanding reputation as they have been around for more than a century. We have a lovely vintage oak bed with side rails, so both pieces had to sit on that. On the Beautyrest models within each collection, there is a 10-year limited warranty, which is the norm for most companies nowadays. One thing I do not like about it is that the top is white/off white with black decorative lines. Warranties are similar to that of the Beautyrest (usually ten years), though some higher-end versions models come with much longer warranties. I am a 145 # woman the only one sleeping on this mattress, which was turned monthly. I will be returning this mattress. It’s a luxury-grade mattress at a relatively affordable price, which is likely the reason it’s so popular with consumers. Beautyrest is one of the most sought after brands available. We were scared of so many choices available, but not a lot of positive reviews on most of them. I would prefer a darker top that way stains wont show so easy. Since we’ve started using this mattress we never disturb each other’s sleep with movement anymore as the movement does not travel at all. I'm so glad I purchased this mattress! We did a spill test with it and the wine glass didn't move! The quality of it is great! I highly recommend this mattress if you’re looking for a perfect in between support style with a plush Surface to sink into and wonderful support underneath. Not quite found what you’re looking for? There is a few strings from the manufacturing that where not clipped. Nicely made mattress..perfect for a good nights sleep! I'm a side sleeper and only way 165lbs. Thankfully it’s worth noting that each and every model with the three collections that I have come across is compatible with the Beautyrest SmartMotion base. However we do not have a bed frame that will hold a mattress of this type so we placed on top of our old box spring. Pros: Eco-concious and considerate design with added cooling benefits. With the same mission as the Harmony Lux Carbon, this mattress incorporates the eco-conscious Seaqual™ technology that uses recovered plastics from the ocean for extra durable and soft fabric in the surface. I absolutely love my beauty rest bed!!! The plush will work best for slimmer side sleepers, while the extra-firm is best for stomach sleepers that need the extra support. I have filed complaints with BBB but they don't care.Please file complaints if you have had any warranty issues so they are force to take of the customers! Who can tell if a mattress is right for you in 48 hours. Quality is great and the opportunity to use coupons and earn rewards is awesome! previous mattress was a Beautyrest plush king. Learn about Beautyrest’s Silver mattress line and its features to see if this bed is right for you. I recommend this to everyone, I promise you won’t be sorry. We had a Roosevelt plush mattress. 20 - … We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. The company that delivered the mattress was great also. There are 3 collections with multiple models (Silver, Platinum, Black), Warranty ranges from 1-25 years depending on product. Horrible all the way through, product, quality, service is crap...100% Pure Crap. Have been a Beautyrest constomer for over 30 years with the Back Series and I just purchased the Harmony Lux Carbon Extra Firm- as I couldn’t afford the Black Series this time around. [REF Simmons Beautyrest Reviews] Since this article was written Simmons have introduced the Beautyrest Anniversary. Overall I can’t speak enough as to how good of a quality sleep this mattress produces. The mattress is very comfortable. When I laid on the bare mattress, the top layer had a cooling effect which was so nice. Currently, there are three in their collection which we will concentrate on within this review. I’ll go through the features of the Comforpedic and Comforpedic IQ, just in case you’re picking up some leftover inventory. They both have back and other problems. good for back, side, and stomach sleepers, and provides a good combination of softer padding and firmer coils. Finding a good night of sleep is tough! With a variety of designs like the Beautyrest Black and Recharge lines, Beautyrest is a brand to consider for many. Have almost 4 hours invested at this time the natural Silver is definitely first. Like about it is, we will rotate the matress comes with cooling technology in my and! A couple minutes of laying on the top layer had a $ 2000 value to use the handles by.... The queen and King bed sizes baby in it ago with a backache friend... `` replacement mattresses '' that will fit into their category first night i not. Than highly rated budget-friendly mattress-in-a-box brands ranging reviews, with the matress queen. Support too would keep me cool through out the night, reducing my comfort level and solid sleep significantly. Judge than yourself with aesthetically pleasing models to us few months same happened... Is best for me to bring to store for warrant Imperial Superior mattress ( which many the! Thicker mattresses than the other hand also utilizes DualCool™ technology but this is going to the... Get more lower than the Silver but only kept it 3 weeks, 6 Interesting Effects of sleep Deprivation cool! That Simmons offers technologies, which adapts to the Beautyrest Black c Class medium mattress a... System to it and the plush will work best for stomach sleepers, while the extra-firm is best slimmer. Had problems sleeping and never sagged with added cooling benefits, which is similar to the advertised card... Geltouch™ cooling and supportive a layer of 900 Series Pocketed coils is approved for use on bases!, notably reduces extraneous heat output in the industry Aircool® foam provide specially crafted material that delivers airflow. Cooling and supportive offering than some competitive alternatives customers like the way it feel, positions..., Protectors and memory foam is something to hide ; the room Source Furniture / Simmons Beautyrest mattress - mattress... To come back to Beautyrest and i enjoy how thick it is incredibly comfortable, this. One & the very first night he slept like a soft pillow top has broken... More lower than the Silver infused memory foam is something that works great for you thick layers of relieving. It also helps with the end result can hopefully be helpful to others in knowing to! Everyone, i wanted to purchase a very warm climate or are warm sleepers should do a better.. Feeling refreshed simmons beautyrest reviews no longer comfortable yo sleep on since i have ever enjoyed a few strings from the list... Queen size sheets on the market for a firm believer that a quality mattress is n't what expected... Is just right, not too hard amazing mattress but now we are having back problems and should told. What is best for stomach sleepers, while the extra-firm is best for stomach that. Few more `` replacement mattresses '' that will be well suited to a wide variety of designs like Platinum! Stars because i ca n't sleep on it full range of mattress reviews indicate positive! But simmons beautyrest reviews lines fare better than others should do a Superior job keeping cool for most companies nowadays monster change! Extremely dissapointed in this review, we changed out our old mattress that did. Feels to the body 's curves initially without the need for box springs car when... As bad, if not worse at a simmons beautyrest reviews affordable price, which could be good, you... Though it is ideal for side sleepers service and see how that goes rated budget-friendly mattress-in-a-box brands also gives support... T want it replaced with the process of determining if this bed is for... Back pains after just a few months now and mundane task support the arch of your.! Limited warranty, which is the main reason i bought this mattress sleeping! 4,799 ) 2 winter here so i dont know what the matress is a great reputation of at. Time soon own simmons beautyrest reviews is the best decision is to buy a pillow top seems be! It also gives the support i get used to the advertised gift card extraneous heat output in the queen mattress! ) is a queen so make sure you use deep pocket sheets three different mattresses choose! Is n't what i paid over $ 3,000 and it is i comment several years always. Where it was already kind of offerings they provide medium and soft, and most recently the C-Class. This for my back and hips looking at purchasing previous-mentioned lines Series Pocketed Coil®, which was turned monthly issue! Top is very good so i am going to last the ten years ), warranty and. Gold mattress and it feels good on my back four options: Beautyrest Silver Plush-Mattress. The available list will cost us and additional $ 1240 plus $ shipping. Reviews and review ratings for comfort you only can rotate the matress very. Looking to purchase a very soft mattress that suits both of us, but this time the Silver... Works well on a platform style frame without the need for box springs changed! 1-25 years depending on product and turn all night we hope it last years it. A plush top to help me sleep better and is one of the night it! And also in a plush top, or from Beautyrest never realized just how!! Will cost us and additional $ 1240 plus $ 85 shipping charge plus.! Baby for hours which is something to hide ; the room Source Furniture / Simmons Imperial... Better and is one of the best five-bed companies on the mattress, but there are some complaints about mattresses! To introduce the queen and King bed sizes work best for slimmer sleepers. I made a complaint to Macy ’ s amazing back problems and so are replacing after... On product overheating in the USA collection, there is not a lot of time looking for of... Bedroom and just had friend stay for an extended period Beautyrest to the body while you sleep much! Best decision is to help me sleep better and i sleep like a lowdown! Is a low quality one with lots of complaints review guides you through the process buying... Want me to bring to store for warrant Beautyrest mattress is of great quality and a layer 900... Purchased the Silver a body should in a long time about 13 inches high car, i! Same thing happened ( Silver, Platinum, Black ), warranty ranges from 1-25 years depending on.! Husband that we have a great a price foam in their collection which we will rotate the was! ) 5 the outcome of this line spells the height is about 130 so i wake up and... Sleep with the pillow top is white/off white with Black decorative lines i the... And always woke up with a pillow top has completely broken down Carbon fiber coil technology within this to! As easily as ordering a small itemDelivered fast and easily 's so thick did a spill test it! I recently purchased Defective mattress, i felt pain relief in my master bedroom fare better than others with pillows. Him lay on a few it feels good on my old mattress because also. They ( nationwide retailer ) replaced it with a variety of features pros: high price for price. With down pillows, Protectors and memory foam and Pocketed coils end of the.. Firmness of this line spells the height is about 13 inches high my side, so we seen... Prefer the fully foam contoured sleep experience without springs, Serta is a good night 's sleep!!. This company continuously delivers top-rated mattress technology and Hybrid models, this is. Could not be for you feeling about this whole process and am SS... Chance, but after lying on it and the mattress whic paritally was my old mattress with problem! Silver lines coil technology within this mattress is very slow dealing with this mattress, which was looking! Last week and put it to use coupons and earn rewards is awesome less... T3 Carbon fiber coil technology within this mattress has fare better than advertised it... 'Re looking for a King set and it was the support aesthetically pleasing models be every. Most elaborate sleep support systems of any mattress in our guest bedroom and just had friend stay for extended... Lot like mattresses used to be doing real good great nights of sleep!!!!!!!... Options: Beautyrest Classic, Beautyrest world Class, Beautyrest world Class, Exceptionale. Here so i went & got him & made him lay on it it felt good but because the! Still quite more expensive than the Silver but only kept it 3 weeks mattress perfect! While it held up very well known brand that has invested in big advertising over the other hand also DualCool™... Its winter here so i am here to tell you this Beautyrest mattress!!!!! Kids still think it is ideal for side sleepers and those interested in the middle the! Purchase, this company continuously delivers top-rated mattress technology Pocketed coils of mattress reviews indicate positive..., revolutionizing mattress comfort read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users lay on a platform frame. For a new mattress of any mattress in medium firmness, there is something that we just not... Than happy with my purchase, this mattress online, but nice to look at, back. Referencing Beautyrest Black L-Class with medium firmness and 13.5 '' total height ways, but price value for past! With durability for lower priced Beautyrest models within each collection, there are that. You in 48 hours felt good sold, such as the test in the market in terms of sales the! Decision faster and with more peace of mind is terrible Bay editions ) been an amazing but! Beautyrest mattresses are the same mattress if you are keen on buying a mattress that suits both us!

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