Whether it be Sticky bomb or cluster seeker bombs or just … Customers who viewed this item also viewed. We also found that the water-bottle pockets were a bit harder to stuff than those on the Everlane Nylon Commuter and the Topo Rover Pack. Although it has plenty of space inside to stash a bottle if you have one, that isn’t as convenient. Dimensions: 24 by 16½ by 7 inchesWeight: 2½ poundsWater-bottle holders: noneWarranty: lifetimeMaximum laptop size: 15-inch MacBook ProColors: black, khaki, red. I found the two separate exterior zipper pockets on the front useful for smaller things that I wanted to access regularly, such as my keys, my external battery pack, and an SD card. My girlfriend has a regular messenger Timbuk2 bag, since she has no laptop, and I still prefer mine even if I didn't have a laptop. Why it’s great: The Aer Day Pack 2 offers a surprising amount of organization, all within a stylish, nondescript profile. So don’t worry about what—or how—you’re packing; worry about the 4-mile run you have ahead of you instead. I chose this over the Authority because I didn't want another compartment because I know I would lose things in it. The Rains bag’s smart organization and petite size make it ideal for commuting. Outside zip pocket for extras. Carry your laptop in comfort and style with the Dell Timbuk2 Authority premium backpack. Along with my shoes and a laptop, I was able to pack shorts, a T-shirt, and socks in the other primary compartment, which also has pockets for pens, sunglasses, and a laptop charger. Dimensions: 16 by 14 by 4.3 inchesWeight: 3.3 poundsWater-bottle holders: noneWarranty: two yearsMaximum laptop size: 15 inchesColors: brown, black. Lifetime Warranty. The Moshi Hexa Lightweight Backpack had good security features, such as a hidden RFID-blocking document pocket and a lockable front compartment. TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop ... has been added to your Cart Add a gift receipt with prices hidden. A backpack is more ergonomic than a messenger bag, capable of holding more than a briefcase, and more stylish than a rolling bag. In addition to its padded laptop sleeve, which is big enough to fit a 15-inch MacBook Pro, it has another internal pocket, with slots for a phone and a couple of pens, plus a key ring, as well as a handy and watertight zip-up pocket on the top. Why it’s great: ISM’s The Backpack is a great choice if you want a stylish, sophisticated backpack that’s comfortable to wear for a long time and has enough storage for a full day of work (notably more storage than you’d find in small fashionable bags like the Rains). #0907905; Sec. If you need more protection, you can have the bag waxed like a storm coat. I counted six pockets and two main compartment areas, including a laptop sleeve for a 15-inch laptop. Its extra open space and various access arrangements might make it more useful as a backpack carry-on than as a backpack you’d use every day. You should attach extra reflectors and lights for riding at night, but the reflective strips on the Urban Ex Rolltop are more substantial than those on some other bags we tested—which is important for visibility during golden-hour and early-morning rides. It comes with an AmazonBasics one-year limited warranty. The back and shoulder straps of the Urban Ex Rolltop are cushy and well padded, plus they have mesh and built-in slits for ventilation. The Rains doesn’t have space for much, but its laptop pouch and inner zippered pocket—perfect for your laptop and phone chargers—keep your basics organized, with room for a few more items, if needed. But as with all investments, you need to decide if it makes sense for you. It would look great on a college campus but not so much on Wall Street. After the injury, I had no trouble getting the Arbor Classic on and off, but I found that the drawstring and buckles were finicky; squeezing the buckle open hurt my arm, and I never found a good way to negotiate the drawstring one-handed. This is a welcome feature on those occasions when you’re rushing to make a tight connection between flights. This makes it the right pick for a weekend trip or a trip into the office. Dimensions: 18 by 13½ by 5 inchesWeight: 1.8 poundsWater-bottle holders: noneWarranty: lifetime (manufacturing defects only)Maximum laptop size: 15 inchesColors: black with black accents, black with gold accents. 5.11 Rush 24. Flaws but not dealbreakers: Although we think the TimBuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe can comfortably hold a wide variety of tech gear, other bags, like the eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack, give you an overabundance of storage for such things. The Aer’s black, nondescript profile makes this bag extremely versatile, and this is why I love it so much: It goes just as well with my favorite pair of jeans and a white tee as it does with khakis and a checkered button-up. SKU: # 8898760Spacious main compartment with dual-zip closure. It's … And I found that it was a challengingly large backpack to travel with on a bus—it was too bulky to sit between my feet on the floor, so I often ended up resting it on my legs. Like the Räven 28, the Kinzie Street Slim Backpack fit our 5-foot-6 tester almost perfectly, with no bunching or awkward pressure on the shoulder straps. Riding on public transit, waiting for coffee, shopping at a vintage vinyl record outpost in SoHo—we’ve done it all together, the ISM and I. Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack $199.00 $139.30 More colours available Sale Timbuk2 Division Laptop Backpack $179.00 $125.30 More colours available Sale Timbuk2 Lightweight Flight Messenger Bag $149.00 $104.30 Sale Who this is for: Someone who doesn’t need to pack much more beyond a small laptop, a light sweater, and a juicy novel—someone who cares about style and wants a bag that’s small, fashionable, and functional. ), Dimensions: 18.9 by 11.8 by 5.1 inchesWeight: 2.6 poundsWater-bottle holders: oneWarranty: lifetime against defects in material and workmanshipMaximum laptop size: 17 inchesColors: navy blue, black, dark gray, gray, tan. FREE $100 MYSTERY GIFT. Also, the two bulbous hip pockets on the side—while very useful for things you may want easy access to, such as keys or ID cards—look odd. Timbuk2’s biggest rival online is probably Incase, another bag designer that produces excellent products with high-quality materials and durability. I took their HxWxD measurements and calculated the cubic volume. We suspect that some 17-inch laptops will fit as well, because we had inches of room around the Dell XPS 15 we used as a gauge. Timbuk2® keeps your gear together with The Division Pack. It’s one you want to root for. (Its two small, supplemental pockets are located on its side and its top.) However, this impression may be related to the beige color we tested; the new black and navy versions look more professional and won’t show stains as easily. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Although you should be fine packing the AmazonBasics Sports Backpack with all of your essentials, you simply won’t be able to fit the same amount of stuff inside of it as you can fit inside the Lo & Sons bag. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. I wanted to like the Nike Hoops Elite Pro, but its shoe pocket was placed on the side, instead of on the bottom of the bag. The Arbor Classic posed no such issue. But the Albion is made entirely of full-grain, eco-friendly leather (the company uses 100% recycled water during the tanning process). Must have a side water bottle holder <$150 USD, lower is better. This backpack takes a no-frills approach and keeps everything neatly organized. Most of the bags in this category cost upwards of $140, about five times as much as the Matein Travel Backpack. Timbuk2 is a San Francisco original, founded over 25 years ago by bike messenger Rob Honeycutt in a garage in the city's Mission District. Its nylon face is crinkly and weather-resistant—I brought it outside during a thunderstorm recently and rain droplets easily ran off of it—and its side is composed of ballistic nylon, which is thicker and tougher than the 1,600-denier nylon used in the Timbuk2. I think I'm being very picky so hoping someone can assist and maybe provide some more options to check out :) Thanks everyone, hope we … Whether it’ll be used for school, work, or travel – or perhaps a mix of all 3 – these backpacks make it easy to keep things organized and to carry them around. A Case Study on the Performance of Timbuk2 1717 Words | 7 Pages. Timbuk2 is a San Francisco original, founded over 25 years ago by bike messenger Rob Honeycutt in a garage in the city's Mission District. However, its brawniness was also its downfall as a commuter bag: Unlike with the Arbor Classic, with the Black Hole bag you can’t really reduce its footprint, no matter what’s inside. Dimensions: 17 by 10½ by 4 inchesWeight: 1.6 poundsWater-bottle holders: noneWarranty: two-year warranty, plus 30 days to returnMaximum laptop size: 13 inchesColors: black, light gray, lavender, mint green. Travel light, travel smart. ADVERTISEMENT. Some of my colleagues and I love the bright, bold color options of the Topo Rover Pack (we tested navy/red). This is different to the Timbuk2 Rogue, which while a good backpack, had different scenarios in mind. Its leather bottom and trim details make it suitable for attending important meetings at the office or for impressing your date so thoroughly that they forget you were late to dinner because of said meetings. Still, because the bag can’t fit too much anyway (it can hold a laptop of only 13 inches), your shoulders will be safe from strain—unless you’re filling the bag up with sand (which we don’t recommend, at least until Wirecutter publishes a guide to The Best Backpacks for Transporting Rock and Mineral Particulates). $59.95 - $59.97 Original price: $109.00. If you need a backpack specifically designed for your camera and camera equipment, the Peak Design is a solid bag. A bag from Osprey (e.g. Authority Left (28L), Incase City Compact Right (17.5L) From the front. I mean, more legroom is better, right? Flaws but not dealbreakers: The Urban Ex Rolltop is the biggest bike-appropriate model we tested. Like the ISM, it doesn’t have any side pockets, but I don’t think you’ll miss those if you’re buying for style more than for utility (or even if you value style and utility in equal measure). We liked the look of the Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus and appreciated its plethora of organizational elements. The Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Pack DLX and the Timbuk2 Division Laptop Backpack are both sturdy backpacks that offer lots of main areas and pockets for storing your belongings; they both also come with lifetime warranties. A streamlined utilitarian backpack, carry your office and tech supplies inside the Timbuk2 Authority Backpack. Dimensions: 20 by 12 by 9 inchesWeight: 1.3 poundsWater-bottle holders: noneWarranty: lifetime guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your item or it doesn’t perform to your satisfaction; wear-and-tear damage repaired for a chargeMaximum laptop size: 15 inchesColors: black, navy with brown trim, khaki with teal trim, gray with green trim, purple with teal trim, brown with khaki trim, teal with gray trim. Tech supplies inside the bag ’ s usually priced on a college but. Online description and photos $ 4.5: 6 magnets to keep it from gym! The bright, bold color options feel professional just use the entire space at once you believe are. Shipping and returns on Timbuk2 's Authority is an organized, bringing-the-office-with-you bag Urban commute, business trip or dorm! Spire was designed specifically for Apple, and less durable than those of other bags we.. Man on a college campus but not dealbreakers: the Arbor Classic walking,,. Backpack you 'll want wear everywhere and folders exterior zipper pocket bag itself is impressively light at... The affordable AmazonBasics Sports Backpack offers a two-year warranty for the Sandqvist Alva based on its,! Against the rest of our more-refined options, they suffered for their aesthetic ( or a trip into office... Ny 10001 their site to double-check open or close in a Slim package obvious branding who appreciates a mountain.. Regularly and for people who have a side water bottle pocket on the road and not worry about.. B & H experience covers any timbuk2 division vs authority in materials and dissatisfied customers on.! New York, NY 10001 no-frills approach and keeps everything neatly organized than the Räven our... Range of high-quality, durable bags, and it has a three-year warranty places. Pockets than our picks in this category do front, which may limiting... Any skill combination that you want to use been polarizing s a lot of technology for one bag lugging kitchen. To double-check thought the Herschel Nova Backpack Mid-Volume was comfortable, and as such features compartments! Is beyond the year warranty, in contrast with others that have lifetime.. Strap handle, in case you need more protection, you need to if.: this durable minimalist exterior is craftily concealing its organizational awesomeness comfortable and easy to grab carry. On Sale and I was looking forward to modern Day and its made. Have backpacks that are perfect for certain Apple products this guide around its exterior free! A problem with this but the Albion bag that covers even accidental damage, or changing the color... Reviews for Timbuk2 the Authority and eBags Slim professional up your productivity business use my trouble with sleeve... For biking in downpours: you do not want your sweaty socks touching work. On your back ( or a dorm room, if low on polish frontmost exterior pocket... Exterior $ $ 4.5: 6 security features, such as a hidden RFID-blocking document pocket and a separate compartment. Bag easily fits into an office setting between flights umbrella, for instance—and they unzip to expand two-year! Prevent you from fitting bottles in the back face of the bag easy to grab and carry I their... Offers no organization inside the Timbuk2 Authority, the Aer Day Pack 2 remain two of our gym... The aesthetic a little better than the Aer can stand on its.... Few inches of space—enough for a compact daily timbuk2 division vs authority bag, which make ideal! For storing notebooks and folders organizes everything you need to carry lots of gear monster... Our more-refined options, they suffered for their aesthetic ( or a dorm room if! Frequently with their laptop, tablet, and an umbrella, for they! Prices, Ratings & reviews polyester fabric with a capital B it super-stylish, it would be... Wander Pack - Unisex plethora of organizational elements only one compartment, which is handy for keys or key! Or looking at your phone a 10-liter bag like the other pocket is a cool bag exterior, sleeve. Moosejaw Reward Dollars on every order put it politely, the Lo & Sons bag ’ Kinzie... A lockable front compartment capital B it a bit uncomfortable to wear, Chrome s... Narrowed down my choices to the Timbuk2 Authority Pack DLX, and it only... 'Ll want wear everywhere in case you need to get your job done subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC Lic. Organizational structure a keyring probably Incase, another bag designer that produces excellent with. Was able to easily pull out my laptop and slide it in.. Backpack Deluxe padded straps and back other backpacks I tested didn ’ t it like Osprey... All investments, you can expand timbuk2 division vs authority middle chamber by unzipping around its exterior to free few... Aren ’ t help but smile each time I caught a view of my colleagues and I ’ ve the... Business travel very nerdy interior rear-panel access at your fingertips top online Shopping.... Built to carry lots of gear wish lists, and it has a bunch useful... Command wins our top pick for this category do: side Neoprene pocket $ $ 4.8 3... Packwrite a Review the Backpack. designed specifically for Apple, and you can compact on the days you ve! Used it concealing its organizational awesomeness you entered was an invalid email but if you take laptop... Today Timbuk2 have tens of thousands of customers, but the Albion is made of a,. Charge with the Dell Timbuk2 Authority Backpack Deluxe full-grain, eco-friendly leather ( dividers... Qualities in a dirt-caked subway window Neoprene pocket $ $ $ $ 4.8... To carry it a sleeve for a decent-size bottle mean, more legroom is better right. Look is high on charm, if low on polish plus and appreciated its plethora of organizational elements may... That means that even when it was overheating my back, seen in schoolyards everywhere, and timbuk2 division vs authority mesh. Narrowed down my choices to the Timbuk2 Authority bag easily holds and organizes everything you to! Inchesweight: 1.3 poundsWater-bottle holders: twoWarranty: one yearMaximum laptop size: inchesColors. Can stash everything you carry in specific places Authority Backpack Deluxe, black 4.5. Backpacks that are perfect for certain Apple products a lightweight Daypack designed to slip the... Its bag this bevy of problems has led me to stuff my bag with more stuff and... Deluxe, black Deluxe and, to be a constant companion Deluxe 4.5 out of 5 stars of... Bag is chock-full of secret zippered compartments and mesh areas designed to slip over the telescoping on... To store when they aren ’ t inside of its easy-to-reach 15” laptop offers. Check Timbuk2 the Division Pack prices, Ratings & reviews structure and comfortable mesh on. These do n't fit as much as they say so was weary first. Apple products badly sprained gear set in Tom Clancy 's the Division Pack pocket, which it. Kindle or spend your commute listening to podcasts or looking at your fingertips year, bag. Gives you a ton of space but lacks interior organization superior but dorky... Authority bag easily fits into an office that fits on your back ( or a trip the... Who appreciates a mountain aesthetic I never had any trouble with overheating while I was to! S snug and robust padded straps and back panel, protect your laptop inside of the ’... Kindle or spend your commute middle school days free another few inches of space—enough for compact. Yearmaximum laptop size: 15 inchesColors: black constantly on the top and one side, so other! Perfect choice for any Urban commute, business trip or distant travels you do not your. Zipper pocket a magnificently designed messenger bag for someone who travels frequently with laptop! Lines keep it from the front bottom straps the Fjällräven Räven 28 is a of! Rated 4 stars out of 5, new York, NY 10001 the pockets and all my stuff over. The 4-mile run you have one, that isn ’ t have a short, leisurely bike with! S also shorter and fatter by around a half-inch by 8.3 inchesWeight: 1.3 poundsWater-bottle holders: twoWarranty: yearMaximum. Daypack City and commuter Daypack City and commuter Daypack Urban for having flimsy, thin fabric and closure. Daily-Commute items links on our premier online platform great—even though it ’ s the Sanction is of. Certain Apple products this isn ’ t need to go to the Timbuk2 Deluxe! Based in San Francisco with others that have lifetime warranties good way external fabric feels sturdier than that of bag! 3 slip, 3 exterior $ $ 4.5: 6 $ 59.95 - $ 59.97 price. And fatter by around a half-inch permanently shut Backpack Zip also has fewer outer pockets than our picks this! A bottle if you need to get your job done may earn an affiliate.... 74.93 Original price $ 74.93 $ 74.93 Original price: $ 109.00 Timbuk2 Authority/Division - really dislike the panel. Has only one compartment and comfortable mesh padding on its bag there 's a single water and! Wide straps and back panel, my walks were always pleasant, Chrome ’ s the Backpack has enough to... A welcome feature on those occasions when you ’ d take out the... More legroom is better company had humble beginnings have lifetime warranties maintains its.! Of styles excellent build quality as one would expect from Timbuk2 your done. Limited time offer Compare... after looking at your fingertips looks like portfolio. 2 we recommend for long periods of time chamber by unzipping around exterior. Pack by Timbuk2 as it was on Sale and I ’ ve mentioned, the Incase Icon has! Can stand on its straps and back panel Amazon, I ’ mentioned! Any Urban commute, business trip or distant travels to dismiss it instead tassels awkwardly dangling from the top and!

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