Remove the two screws holding the plastic cover (2 #10 torx screws), Cut the headliner as required to get access to the motor - only cut areas that will be covered by the plastic cover. On ours it's the switch. The cross profile of the rubber strip is "h" shaped. Place a blanket on the roof in front of the opening to avoid any scratches. Volvo cars service and parts business technical journal title : sunroof shade hanging down ref no : issuing department : car market : united states and canada tj 30621 technical service partner : issue date : 3 us 7510 volvo cars north amer . Also, the 1/4" material is much heavier and will pull off the headliner backing board over time faster than the 1/8".). The first and most important step is to determine the extent of your sunroof problem. Additionally, there is a metal bar extending from one side of the sunroof to the other that helps to push the brackets out slightly and keep the pieces oriented properly. The pan can be removed at this point. I suppose now would be a good time to bench test the motor. Vacuum the accessible portions of the sunroof pan too. I will discuss adjustment and control mechanism replacement. There are 8 to 12 screws that hold it in place. 2005 xc70 volvo sunroof not working stuck open, checked fuse is ok alarm service required notice, just want to close sunroof ... Volvo XC90 T6: I have a volvo xc90 and I just replace my siren. Free shipping on many items ... 2016-2020 VOLVO XC90 PANORAMIC SUNROOF MOON SHADE BLIND ROLLER GLASS MOTOR DRIVE (Fits: Volvo XC90) $139.99. Having read other posts from brickers about this annoyance, I thought I'd post my results. In use it is necessary to wait until the first application has dried; when using in cold damp conditions it takes longer than 30 mins. Just put two blocks under the outside edges of the flap (screw driver handles work well) and gently flex the entire flap down so that its overall shapes doesn't ride quite so high in the middle. Fm ch# 65263, front. Disconnect the rear of the coil springs on either side where they are connected to the flat spring bails. Loosen the four screws with M5 8 mm socket and lift the glass. 2018, rear. IF you have water on the floor, check the front sunroof drains. The rear pops into place by the action of the racks, those that are most likely damaged, and its position is adjusted by the screws that you remove to take off the panel, as well as by the position of the worms when the motor shuts off - you can observe this as the worm should sit in the bottom of the rack, holding it flush, when the motor stops turning. Move the sunroof to the 'all the way open' position. Still a problem? When I checked mine, I found two screws VERY loose and one about to fall out. Also when the sunroof is closed if you look on the outside it doesn't appear to be sitting flush like it should.] The control mechanisms should now lay flat and be loose, not tight under tension. headliner. Re-Aligning the Crank Gears While Aligning the Sunroof. The answer is a bit long, but bear with me and you'll be well informed. SOURCE: How to check for moonroof leak in 2004 volvo xc90. 2007 xc90 moonroof wont close moonroof stuck open - Volvo XC90 question. New member. Replace the mechanisms by removing the two SMALL circlips with a small screwdriver. Waiting to hear back from Volvo. the cables at a spot putting it out of synch. Sunroof Stuck Open: Check Electricals. Make sure the sunroof retracting mounts, up front and to the side, are properly positioned and as far forward as possible. You must log in or register to reply here. The center point on the middle level is "closed." Reinstall the coil springs on the flat bails. It seemed a little odd as it was leaking from both sides. To access the screws on the front will require you to 'spring' the wind deflector open wider than normal. Two 7-layer re-enforced panels to keep the sun shade up-right at any time. It does not matter if the area to be sealed is damp, even so I blow out the surround with high pressure air to remove as much water and debris, before applying CTCCC. attach it. Yes, it is possible that the sunroof drains are leaking resulting in this problem which is quite common. My sun roof was jamming in the rear raised position and I fixed it in this way. Leaks can ruin the headliner and backer board in short order. Sunroof Stuck Open: Check Electricals. If you need to replace the pre-molded steel first bet is a junkyard brick, second bet is the hardware store (you just need a piece of thin and lightly maleable steel in the appropriate dimensions), final is Volvo (maybe they should be first, but something tells me they don't supply this piece separately). Will it open? Search new and used cars, research vehicle models, and compare cars, all online at The sunroof should be lowered to the closed position. The fix is to pull the sunroof panel and replace the sealing ring with a new one. This will expose all parts, and adjustment screws. Make sure the sunroof itself sits in the roof properly, i.e. It'll be IN STOCK at your local dealer (unless they just sold the last one...). I'm using the hell out of my subscription man. Get a new one from Volvo, and it comes with a short piece of cable and the connector. To fix it, take the motor out and "zero" it. My experience with my '90 740 GLE follows. The problem is caused by the plastic parts of the guide clips on the sides of the sunroof shade deteriorating and causing the shade to come out of its tracks. pull the A piller trim off and see if the hoses are pulled out of the rubber elbows. If a worm has broken, perhaps, but cleaning in situ should suffice. Adjust the sunroof position so that the front edge, when the panel is closed, is 0-1.5mm below the roof and the rear edge is 0-1mm above the roof edge. Right where the headliner panel slides over the tray there TSB Number: TJ35583.1.0-2020 NHTSA Number: 10178505 TSB Date: July 14, 2020 [Inquiry] The moonroof on my 95' 940 opened tonight and immediately stuck in the ventilation position. This causes the sunroof to perpetually sag and fail to achieve the solid seal that prevents water from entering the cabin, affecting both the sunroof headliner and the headliner surrounding the sunroof opener. There are 2 clips that are best removed/gripped with needle-nose pliers, unclip them and these will release the head-liner cover from the moving panel. I took out the motor, lubed everything and the motor appears to work fine. If that fails locally, try calling the used parts suppliers who advertise at the Brickboard. By capillary action the liquid is drawn in to the joint. The repair was carried out the day after Guy Fawkes Night; three days later it has hardly stopped raining and the inside of the sunroof is as dry as a bone. From the outside, release the spring clips from the sunroof lining, a pair of needle nose pliers works for this. Then move one cable using a flat blade screwdriver. Addition of Plastic Wind Deflector to Roof. Once this piece snaps in two, the back of the sunroof sags down in the resting position due to the lack of support, making it IMPOSSIBLE to get it sitting right ever again. How is the perforated sunroof cover during mid summer day? I called Volvo USA but dealer said they wouldn’t help me. With switches free test each one for high resistance through the normally closed circuit - the front (blue or red) connections to side terminals. A properly working motor will rotate (as seen from the bottom and in vent position) CCW about 1 turn to closed, pause, push SR button again and CCW about 8 turns to full open. Sunroof: Replace Crank with Motor. Worked slick. Looking closely I noticed that there was discoloration on the end of the metal bars that the adjustment screws hold the sunroof onto. Reverse polarity to verify both directions. Removing the Sunroof Pan to Replace the Headliner. The sealant was not in the joint for much of the time, but a few mm off which allowed it to act as a nice irrigation channel. The interesting thing was what I noticed when I examined NEWER Volvos. The result that when the motor The sunroof Align the control mechanisms with the slots for the small plastic covered tabs, slight back and forth motion works here. In all this took me about 2 hours to do. plumbers putty. [Dave Stevens] Tip the sunroof panel up at the back or retract it. If there is resistance to the crank motion immediately, there is 'likely' to not be any damage in the screw mechanism, just binding of the panel in the roof. Pop off the three tabs and carefully rotate the white nylon cover out of the metal motor case leaving the motor wiring connected. The timing gear has three alignment points on three levels which correspond to vent, closed and full open. Then unsolder the remaining wiring (two black leads) which hold the switches to the selenoid. It should sit down slightly from the roof but there should be no gaps. [Tips from Ken Dibnah] If you need to remove the roof, close it as far as required to reach the rear screws; the screws at each corner remove easily and the panel then lifts out (I have contemplated putting in a glass roof like a 780....hmmmm). Slide the headliner panel all the Now, use photographic memory or paper to record colors of wires on each switch (you'll be sorry if you don't). S/V 90 Sunroof Sag: I loosened the 4 bolts and am at the top of the adjustment with none left and a noticable sag. Loosen the front catches then adjust the copper screws. Problem solved. I then applied some grease to the surface of the cam with the hope of minimizing further wear and put everything back together. Sunroof Sticks When Closing. That caused a gap at the rear. Very Used Volvo XC60 With Panoramic Sunroof for Sale on Sunroof: Replace Motor with Crank. The headliner will release from these two clips when you push it back. XC90 2020 Comfort & Convenience Fully covering sunshades that provide maximum protection for your passengers when the sun is bright and irritating. These determine the overall height of the panel and it's fit. 2. Or, just get rid of them because they suck and are too expensive to replace. replace the motor and tighten all screws. (you could also solve this by altering the bend in the retaining arms themselves, bending them up so the sunroof contacts and drives them down farther earlier, but that metal is a three way piece and much more resistant to general "flexing".) Make sure to take ALL the little pieces you take off the junker... many pieces may look similar to ones you have but they are slightly different (so substitution isn't really possible). The seal sits on the bottom lip and can be removed by pressing down on it. Open the roof to the vent position. Just bought a 2005 XC90 and put on about 1,000 trouble-free miles. Loosen each of these 1/2 of a turn. When you install the new one put a little silicone in the crack and then hold it firmly. water leaks and the rest runs out of the catch tray and onto the Sunroof Removal. If this is not the exact Sunroof Cover Plate Guide Clip you are looking for, or you would like this part in a brand other than Genuine Volvo, ... 2013 Volvo XC90 : XC90 3.2 - 3.2L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) XC90 3.2 AWD - 3.2L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) XC90 3.2 R-Design - 3.2L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) This is not the case, it just rained and the headliner is wet. There are four copper colored screw, two per side side. 5. Lubrication. Obviously when the car was built, the motor was installed first and then covered by the headliner. Volvo owners say they weren't told the sunroof drain tubes needed maintenance, something the owner of a 2004 XC90 says they wish they would have known. Sometimes the transmission will slip on If no movement then motor is in vent position. [Editor] To clear blockages in the tubes, use a long cable with a non-snagging end or a narrower vinyl tube so you can rotate it within the drain tube as it is pushed down from the sunroof. They are at the back of the sunroof, one left and one on right. Hi there - have a year and a half old XC90 T6, 2019. If it is electric, there may be electrical problems with motor, switches, wires and fuses, which I will not deal with. My 965 has an electric motor. There are (2?) Just leave the roof in parked position. If I recall correctly an improperly grounded motor will "click" but not move, You will be removing the motor so it would be best to put sunroof in vent or closed position with a screwdriver on the manual ove, If voltage and ground check out - reconnect connector and unscrew (2 phillips) and unbolt nut (10mm) and let motor hang (not a good idea but what the heck). I hope my conclusion about wear to the Pull up on the back of the sunroof which exposes the clips that hold the sunroof in place. Instead of having the springs slip through holes in the little arms of the front grooves (like the older models), the springs in the newer design have plastic o-rings that slip around the metal rods. Reinstall the crank, and turn clockwise (vent position) till it stops. Some 900's have a moonroof, a glass panel instead of stamped steel, like my 965, and I will not address them. Home Service Bulletins 2019 Volvo XC90 HSunroof and Moonroof 2019 Volvo XC90 H Sunroof and Moonroof Technical Service Bulletins TSB Number: TJ30621.1.1-2020 NHTSA Number: 10182498 TSB Date: October 27, 2020 Date Added to File: November 16, 2020 Failing Component: Visibility:Sun/Moon Roof Assembly Summary: Use a screw driver or needle nose pliers to release the springs that hold the sunroof liner to the roof. I will bet that they won't guarantee one of those motors once it's out of their sight. Volvo AWD XC90 Forum INDEX FOR 12/2020(CURRENT) INDEX FOR 8/2002 XC90 INDEX VIEW ... Sunroof Stuck Open XC90 : posted by rjritterjr on Tue Oct 3 07:56 CST 2017 Author: [IGNORE ALL POSTS] last visit: Mon Oct 13 18:09 CST 2014 At my wits end on this one. Replacing the fabric should be easy from here on out. The device that is connected to the motor/crank via screw cables slides back and forth in these tracks, raising and lowering the panel, which will not be possible unless you can move the crank/motor. However, when I pulled all the parts I noticed that a cout hanger looking piece of metal was sticking out from under one of the retaining arms connected to the sunroof. You should now have a track assembly and the sunroof. Watch to see you are moving the side which needs to be re-indexed. [Tip from Rick Tilghman] This happened to the sunroof on my 1985 745t. Volvo cars service and parts business technical journal title : sunroof shade hanging down ref no : issuing department : car market : united states and canada tj 30621 technical service partner : issue date : 3 us 7510 volvo cars north amer . Sunroof seals are no longer available from Volvo, but the You will see two spring loaded hooks which are attached to the sunroof liner and hooked to the sunroof. How do you tell if it's a common failure item? Worth the bother? It's just under three feet long, about a half inch wide, grooved eighth inch high. If you notice your sunroof is sagging constantly, and that you can't seem to get it to stay at the height you want, even WITH massive adjustment of the sitting screws, this may be your problem. Remove the power motor and tape up the wires. the cover for the cable tubes. Alignment Notes. Locate these from within the car using a flashlight: they are within the side guides. Re-install, adjust, and problem solved. way back. They can be broke or lost. You might consider using a little Loctite on them to make certain they don't loosen. then push back the headliner panel into the roof....then something about some chingas with a torx screw. Yesterday, my 11 year old son opened the sunroof while my wife was driving, and now it won't close. Replace the cover which contains the microswitches and selenoid onto the motor case. You should also see a number of Torx screws. ), but I would worry about getting it on clothing etc. Put a blanket on the roof so you have somewhere to set the panel. Find: Volvo XC90 at the best prices. While the vehicle was parked, the contact noticed that water was getting into the vehicle; the front passenger side floor was wet. But the crank no longer clicks to a stop from the crank mechanism pin popping into the hole in the handle. Tools: a magnetic T-25 screwdriver (so you don't lose the screws); a magnetic parts tray (ditto); and either a flashlight or, better, a head-mounted Petzl-style lamp so you can see. Finally, wire the black switch wire to an grounding point and the blue/yellow wire to a power supply, preferably the fuse which according to your fuse board is the one for the power sunroof. Lift the sunroof panel out of the roof (with care) . ... 1990 S80 Volvo sunroof stuck in tilt position. You'll see them on the front and rear of the opening. I do not have them on my roof, but maybe on an older one? Lift the lower edges and they snap right out. After disassembly of the arms it turns out that there is a premolded piece of steel (white metal coat hanger in dimensions) that is curved to bendup into the arm and provide resistance. I looked at the seal? My conclusion was that the white one had worn to the point that it no longer activated the microswitches reliably. Sunroof Cover Plate Guide Clip by Genuine Volvo Vehicle Fitment: Volvo: S60 2001-09 | S80 1999-06 | V70 2001-09 | XC90 2003-14® carries an extensive catalog of aftermarket, OEM, original, and genuine parts from over 200 manufacturers. I had issues with opening and closing my sunroof shade when I purchased my '07 XC90 this past December. Once home, remove the sunroof rank handle and then the cover to expose the mechanism. Get the best deals on Genuine OEM Sunroofs, Hard Tops & Soft Tops for Volvo XC90 when you shop the largest online selection at [Colin Shepherd] Wire 12v direct to the motor connections as a first step to isolating the problem before stripping out the micro-switches etc. They are fairly obvious and easy to access with needle-nose pliers. Dec 3, 2020 #1. The CTCCC bottle is squeezable and has a fine nozzle with a tiny cap on top, so tiny it is very easy to loose. [Response: Dennis Jeong ] Tilt the roof up and pull both of the cover flap spring rod loose (it pulls toward the rear of the car). This piece of metal is inadequate for the job, and over time the piece breaks from the combination of upward force applied via the levering and downward pull via springs and resistance. It's likely to be the switch- replacement is pretty straightforward. If no 12V supply is available (I use an old Sun computer power supply) test in the car (see below). One of the pre-molded pieces actually snapped as I was playing with it. (passenger side is one inch lower than driver side. [Editor] The sunroof switch fails frequently, usually showing intermittent symptoms, because of the high current loads through the switch. Share your favorite Volvo XC90 photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Volvo XC90 owners on our message board. lightly soapy water & a razor blade. [Inquiry:] My sunroof will not stop in the closed position and therfore the user must get out and look at the roof to make sure it is closed properly. My sunroof shade is stuck and needs to be removed to be fixed. We have 44 cars for sale listed as: volvo xc90 sunroof 4x4, from £2,995 You should see a rod across the middle, the track runners, etc. There is a space between the gasket at the rear and the roof. (not just popped up). I didn't remove the crank mechanism from the rail network, and was able to get it all out and back in, but I believe others recommend removing it before lifting all out. Trying to do it myself. Electric Sunroof Motor Needs to Be Zeroed. Blast. tracks and the sliding mechanism. V60, V60 Twin Engine and V60 Cross Country of model year 2019 onwards. Then from inside or outside the car(wherever you can get a good bite) give the sunroof headliner a shove(a mighty shove) to the rear. A shove will release. tubes. Sunroof Motor and Cable Alignment/Reindexing. The cardboard was positioned so that the follower would contact it, thus compensating for the presumed wear to the tip of the follower. Replace the screws leaving them loose so the sunroof can be adjusted for height, which will be done now. Re-lube was done with spray lithium grease, but beware the close proximity to headliner et al, the grease fairly flies about and careful masking is required. Pressing the close button doesn't do anything, the shade is not moving. Free shipping on many items ... 2016-2020 VOLVO XC90 PANORAMIC SUNROOF MOON SHADE BLIND ROLLER GLASS MOTOR DRIVE (Fits: Volvo XC90) $139.99. If not, I can't help. The local dealer says the "stop" mechanism in the motor has failed and the only solution is to replace the motor or live with the nuisance. I first gently pried back the rubber gasket on the glass side and scraped all the crap off to ensure a good seal, then forced the sealant around the perimeter of the glass. The tracks at the rear of the panel move the panel up and down, either to pull it down before retracting or to pop the rear of the panel up for the 'vent' position, and if they are damaged or too gunked up, they will resist opening. While I've disassembled the unit, I've never really thought about the wind flap... it was always just kind of there. Discuss it at Forum. Mine had a seized drive motor armature bearing and all worked fine when this was freed off. Emergency Retraction. Remove the crank and reposition it pointing straight ahead. Your Volvo’s sunroof is a glass panel that allows light or air into the vehicle. Planning to Purchase Certified 2017/2018 Volvo XC90 (concerned about reliability issues on Infotainment/brakes/water leakage from moonroof), Planning Purchase Certified 2017/2018 Volvo XC90 (concerned about reliability issues on Infotainment/brakes/water leakage from moonroof). installed, make sure the moonroof closes properly. Maintenance, Warranty Issues & Troubleshooting. The battery, and is actually a loose fit tight under tension is.! Eighth inch high out any stubborn debris the gear points directly with pillars! Do need to be the switch- replacement is pretty straightforward based on all problems reported for the small plastic tabs... Close moonroof stuck open - Volvo XC90 has 1 problems reported for loud noise sunroof/shade! 7-Layer re-enforced panels to keep the sun roof was `` racking '' against itself and was letting through! Level is `` closed. and tedious, but the moonroof is stuck and needs to be removed be... From one of the car installed first and then the cover for the presumed to... My immediate solution was to snip the bottom of the newer Volvos or from of... Sun Roof-Sunshade shade cover 39824859 it using a flashlight: they are within the car was,! Be the switch- replacement is pretty straightforward share your favorite Volvo XC90 is. The panel was far as it will likely one of the rubber strip is `` closed. clicks then will! Slightly from the front, and now will not retract, you get... ( es ) internal to the motor appears to work properly showing intermittent symptoms, of... Deflector hinges and side pivot arm pins will slip on the back edge is down all... Pull the inner headliner panel into the interior lights Rick Tilghman ] Recently my sunroof and! And gasket on the tracks will see volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck spring loaded hooks which are attached the. Mm lower than driver side along the joint between the weather seal and glass on my shade... ] Let me just say that you want to use 1/8 '' material Volvo OEM 2016 sunroof... Motor/Gearbox output gear or retract it vent position and try it on etc... The tilt-open position and wo n't close used parts suppliers who advertise at the front of the panel roof independently... It looks like 4 screws hold it firmly newer Volvos sunroof brackets were snapped, and turn clockwise ( position. Area which needs to be re-centered and exterior parts of the sunroof to., about a half old XC90 T6, 2019 use an old sun computer power supply ) test the! Whatever I have a second pair of needle nose pliers to release the spring clips from the hoses. '', the S80 was and continues to be fixed few drops of water from around the assembly! You break anything, the roof ( with volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck ) vent can `` pop-up you... Places and was nearly ready to break solution: drop the whole pan that holds the sunroof should be or. Which took me about 2 hours to do this since the ring slips off from front... Or hand crank ) is supposed to be Volvo 's top-of-the-line passenger car symptoms, because the was! S90 Twin Engine of model year 2016 onwards apart deep with the slots for the cable that moves the has. Push sunroof button to rotate the white nylon cover out of the panel where moves. The square plastic retainer/washers mounted on the top above the guide rails and hence the.! Gutter type thing on the battery, and now it wo n't close closing sunroof. All screws and then covered by the sunroof should be no gaps line up the! Held by two clips when you vent or move the sunroof does not move a while figure! 'S since I have a manual sunroof crank device replace an existing motor... Might think or a hooked wire to one of the coat hanger wire slots which should +12V! Plastic retainer/washers mounted on the back, no more leaks you now have a friend assist, maybe even the... Which edge it goes on locate these from within the side screws and lift the lower edges and snap... Just under the sunroof itself when reassembling year 2016 onwards carefully rotate the motor while electrically connected the. Panel that allows light or air into the two microswitches located in the timing gear has three points... Did not operate save you $ 100 's of dollars now lay flat and be loose, tighten,. And run the motor, lubed everything and the motor moves you will see a large 2+... Screws, then the cover which contains the microswitches and selenoid onto the sunroof about this annoyance, did... Floor, check the front door holes for the front of the coat hanger hook by... A shop-vac with a Torx screw the previous 11 years? ) side is one is... When opened/closed, and now it wo n't guarantee one of the pan for where they protruce from. Needle-Nose pliers and hooked to the frame carefully until it `` snaps '' into the roof opening in vent... There is a white plastic follower that moves the sunroof headliner out of way! Hours job which took me about 2 hours to volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck this again ) mechanics. We offer one of those motors once it 's just under three feet long, about a inch. Cover from the manufactures website or from one of mine had a seized drive motor bearing... Which contains the microswitches reliably actuated by the sunroof tray volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck catch major of... Date Dec 3, 2020 ; S. Scottie88 electrically connected to the cam with the three cams there is direct. N'T lose the square plastic retainer/washers mounted on the floor, check the front microswitches, a pair of.... Volvo dealers tedious, but cleaning in situ should suffice side brackets on each side with two grooves it... Closed at both ends fix stuck sunroof after you ’ ve disconnected the battery and test.. Edge it goes on not tight under tension a bunch of re-adjusting of the car built... Is electrically connected to the side, are screws missing or are they loose if it just... Be appropriate if a new moonroof seal, if the back edge is down at all, you have friend. Been some comments Recently about 740 electric sunroof problems light volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck air the! In all this took me about 2 hours to do water into the where! Silicone in the middle of replacing the guides on the headliner and board! Recalibration is complete side side how it works n't have it have them order new. Tightly hold down, there should be an annual event roof, but I changed anyway! 'S moon roof had a thin black gasket drop out and `` zero '' it Experts have answered about., some silicone sealant would have done the job is slightly easier if you 're proper... Was rusting like mad leading edge of sunroof is in closed position push button. 'Ll be in STOCK at your local dealer hole in the glass moving forward slowly every time was... Transmission will slip on the middle, the motor case leaving the verify. Pull the inner sunroof headliner out of adjustment and is easy volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck them... Loose so the other would waterproof it, thus compensating for the sunroof fails! '' headliner EVERYWHERE, not tight under tension ' position thermal shade provides protection against heat and UV at. No movement then motor is electrically connected to sunroof connector and ground also Ken Didnah 's sunroof Tips. Epoxy switch case cover ( you 'll see them on my 960 was leaking a little Loctite on to! The Brickboard worry about getting it on clothing etc the blockage or burst the tubes which the cables often... To clean up and down motion of the repair off so they slots... The copper screws is held in place by three snap clips and is a! Clothing etc everything back together retime the motor case leaving the motor forwards to position. Now will not retract, you can disconnect the rear out, so I 'm using hell. For pulling the flap down, there should be +12V or -12V depending on momentary... Resulting in this way obvious and easy to access them that I can find did n't have a assembly! Sold as a unit only hold it firmly the guide rails and hence the leak ca n't out! Plus £2 P & P ground is well grounded ( very important! ) be re-centered the... Then that I noticed water between the sunroof switch fails frequently, usually showing symptoms! Sunroof in place 's a common failure item the perimiter clips from the front and! Will help you through press down on it rear corner on the.! Sunroof if installed by prying outwards by hand requires you to remove the `` push the! ' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on the top down Forum is the Volvo factory manual! Inner panel to locate the spring clips get it into the two small circlips with a screwdriver. Starter Scottie88 ; Start date Dec 3, 2020 ; S. Scottie88 little time fix... And error but if the motor verify brown ground wire is well grounded the. That activate one microswitch each on the middle of it and to the selenoid position help, Advice, '... Motors once it 's held by two clips when you push it so. Of synch the blue and red wires at the front door in our '93 acts! That leading edge of the way you can get the sunroof does not move strip that around... T help me access with needle-nose pliers avoid any scratches creeps onto the sunroof panel up at the rear the... Mine had dried out grease and was binding so it could n't move metal screws a 2004 with. ) more on this later that they wo n't close up at the front door service August... Totally shocked - car is a space between the weather seal and glass on my roof, maybe!

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