Ins on original WW, I was about 20 yrs old and found it easy to follow. Thanks for you help.... Hello Lisa, All roads have a bump or two - no worries. We hope this helps! Please send complete week1 to week 10 weight watchers plan. Now that I'm in my 60's have gained 20 lbs and need to go back on the plan and it worked for me years ago! Kristina: If you have the original ww diet plan and menus, would you be kind enough to send it to me. good luck, If someone could send me the old version of ww from 90's please and thank you, Please send me a copy of the points list. I ,pet all my books from the early 90's but put them in a safe place when we moved and now can't find them anywhere!!!! It is information gleaned from the American Diabetic Association. Does anyone have the old weight watcher plan from 1998-1999. I'm not sure anyone here has a copy of the points plan, Christine. I think it makes people lose slower. And I am so very sorry that I threw out all my old Weight Watchers books. Could I get a copy sent to my email of the food list. It was the program I used and lost 40 pounds. Week 2 women - Protein goes up to 7 exchanges (ounces) per day and the optional calories go up to 200. I have tried all of the programs, and find myself now, once again quite overweight, and trying to focus on healthy servings, and healthy choices, not the light at the non-existent end of the tunnel. I had great success on the old Weight Watchers plan in 1989, if someone can help me with the food list, the exchanges, and what ever else I would need to get started I would appreciate your help more then you would know? This seems so easy to follow and the points system is too much for me to deal with. to lose and could use all the help i can get to stay accountable. The new plans have never worked as well. The more options everyone has, the greater chances for success. Thank you! I am looking for the full choice plan listing the sample menus for 7 days. My email is Hlebelkittle March 2013 The Weight Watchers meetings are not doing it for me. I would love original meal plans. The tuna idea is a great way to get the benefit of fish without having to actually eat fish. I have been thinking about the original plan for a while now and could remember some of it but not all. Thank you Janette, Hi! Hi Lisa, could you also send me the info from the ww diet from 1991-1992 as you mentioned in your post of 6/16/15. Although successful on very high protein diets, they leave me feeling ill and lethargic. November 2014 useskim milk containing 90 calories per cup,skim milk 1 cup,flavored milk beverages 1 packet,puddings 1'3 cup prepared,yogurt skim or low fat[ plain] 1/2cup bread= 2to 3 per day should contain80 calories per slice low cal. may I too have a copy of the WW Food LIsts from 1992. i am starting it again this year because it is a plan that works. I believe I remember the portions correctly: servings. is this the program with the Quick Start menus? hard cheese or 2 eggs ,all you want of unlimited vegs. And I didnt eat after 7:30pm..I was really committed. Would you please send me the old weight watchers programme information . I was given a copy of the sample "weekly" diet plan back in the late 70"s...Example: Monday - 1 egg, toast, etc. The chocolate kisses thing is why I really prefer the Original plan over the Points Plan. Undone by what I felt was a monotonous diet, I gave up and regained most of the weight over the next two years. Please could you send me a copy of original WW weekly plan. I'm looking for the 1995 Weight Watchers fat and fiber plan. Many thanks. Thank you for this! Plz send me an email. Could someone please send me the WW plan from the late 80's early 90's? Thanks! Hi all, I have been looking everywhere for this and cannot find it. As I recall,the daily limits were 6 protein,2 bread,3 fat,3 fruit,2 skim milk,unlimited veggies from the list. April 2013 I am going to put my face mask on tomorrow, go outside and tear the menu pages out and print them on my printer. There is a food tracker sheet here: I lost 33 lbs. Thank You so much. In 1968, I was a chubby 13-year-old when my dear mother sent me to my first WW meeting. To tell the truth, what's holding me back is the incredible amount of fish you're supposed to eat each week! I was a member of the program out of Gouverneur, NY our leader was Debbie Mason. Thank you in advance if you are able to send me copies. thank you Kim. Have a broken hip joint and it is making me fall farther behind. Personally i think this plan teaches you to eat healthy and something you can stick with. instant chicken and seasoning mix,1&1/2 lbs. ), Hello! I actually still have the entire ww diet from 1991-92 when ww was promoting their super start diet which were lists of meals one would chose from over the course of the week. Can you please sent it again? Once those adipose tissues get small, they are simply waiting to get filled up again. Hi Kristina, Sue. I misplaced my flipchart...I have it but can't find it at the moment. Would like a PDFs of the QuickStart pls,,,thnx so much,,,, Hi There, This weight loss programme was astonishingly good. not like the plans over the past 30 years and know that this one will. Again thank you. It only took me about 5 months to do it. Thank you so very much. Thank you in advance of helping him/, Hi I was going through all these old e,ails, but loved the old WW program, If you have it still available please send it to me and thanks.. This file is a simple one page PDF file to be used daily. I believe the exchanges were largely calorie based by food group. I signed in days ago, but every time I sign in to get the free food list red letters come up that say "Email is already subscribed".......ME. I have a friend who currently loves it. Men got 5 fruits a day and 8 oz of meat. Thanks! I do not like the new point system. That was back when I followed the plan to the letter and lost weight each time. I feel like I spent hours planning and tracking and then I can't keep it going Sat & Sun. Thanks ;). Thanks Hi Kristina, I have been searching for the old w.w, weekly menu plans for years! I have also joined your FB page. Also, only two beef entrees were allowed per week. Thanks. Thanks. I do it as I remember it, since I had the very bad idea, many years ago, to get rid of that program documentation. I wish ed I still have the small booklet for the first 2 weeks. French style green beans were unlimited because they had immature beans in them. So glad I found this website and friends who feel like me. any chance someone could email me the Food List for the exchange program? So thank you so much for having saved all this. Thanks. Learn to delay gratification. Thanks Hi Kristina. My husband is disabled and can not leave home. I used it successfully when I was in high school and now my high school aged son and I will be using it together to shed some extra pounds. Thanks, Theresa, been looking for the original ww worked for me back in the mid 80s and I want to see if I can incorporate it into my life today, I am once again turning to my old WW program to loose an extra 20 pounds I put on over the couple years. Dust mites still bother me, but I am going to put my face mask on, outside and take the pages of the 1975 menu and program out and print them and toss the old pages...get really sick with old paper even though the book is brand new and never opened. I have been looking everywhere for this - my email is It was the only diet that has ever worked for me. If you are still able to send the original WW food lists I would just love to have them. I started today but really want to do this accurately. I will soon be 60 years old. The exchange lists are located here: Please feel free to contact me with email address if you want it. I would like to have the old ww diet of 1960,s. My mind set was strictly on the old WW program from 1991, They kept saying forget the old program. WW has a new Points Plus system, but I cannot find any site that tells you how to calculate the number of points you are allowed per day. I would be very grateful because that was a great program. Katrina I would love a copy your PDFs file I lost 40 lbs 40 yrs ago! Thank you. All they talk about is the new points program and it doesn't help at all. Would send copies but am technically challenged. My mom had a copy of an old WW plan like that and I went by it to a tee in 1992 and lost 75 pounds. Thanks. Will someone please tell me how to get on this comment page? Hi Weight Watchers, Can you please email me the pdf? Would love to have a copy if it's out there. If you or anyone you know has them, can I have copies of them! I do not have any of the instruction books only the Daily Tracker sheets. lol!!! For anyone who is a bit (or a lot) obsessive compulsive, any program that encourages one to count points is likely to make for an obsessive attitude about food in general, and also encourages the person trying to lose weight to focus on food more and more. Thank you! Hello everyone, could someone please send me the old quick start weight watchers program? I can't remember how to count pizza etc. Also TOPS clubs ( Take off pounds sensibly ) has the same sheet for counting boxes of exchanges and is available on their TOPS web site as well. In the late 70's I lost a lot of weight and since then it's the plan the works the best. Finding information on a specific program you used in the past is possible if a bit of a challenge. Going to set it in motion! what am I missing....I can only see this one there more ???? Thanks! It really works. I received the email below today (6/16/15) and want to contact Lisa, but I do not see her post above. Norma. It was a great diet and allowed people to get a large weight loss the first week hence it's name, super start. Thanks for taking the initiative to offer it online! and have failed miserably on the points system. Try this I am starting my Old Weight Watchers. I've been searching for similar info as well. Please show me how I can get the old ww diet .. Hi Kristina, is there anyway you could send me a copy of the quick start diet? I'm about to start the original WW plan too. So...maybe? And practically starved myself for the surgery. I have a weeding coming up in 6 months and I'm using this event as the push I need to do it again. Still think that is the best version to learn portion control. Here's hoping I can get back on track tomorrow! Hi. However, this link might give you a more in depth start You forgot to mention that the portion for limited vegetables was a half cup. This plan worked for me before and I need it again. Week 1 was very basic and no frills (aka torture, *g*) and each week new foods were added and boy were we grateful to have them! I remember the plan that had the 7 floaters and 750 optional calories. Could you send me the old weight watchers plan via email. Look at how many total calories are in the food and consider what food groups are in there. Had a baby in 1964 gained a lot of weight then joined when he was 6 months old. Good Luck! Early 90s And always will. Did you ever get the original copy of W.W. diet plan? in 1981 - yikes!! I just take the old WW plans system tracker with box check off sheet and copy many more days and sheets for me to keep track from my old Weight Watchers material. Tops still uses a similar plan as one of its options. I had my right knee replaced, also with a DePuy device, I've continued to be in great pain with this device, and fluid that ponds just below my knee, with pain that shoots down into my shin bone. Eventually, we hope to take the online support group to a different platform. The old 1060's WW program had all the benefits with enough weight loss to keep me going; I'm so bored of losing half a pound a week etc. Each week, you may have up to 21 Personal Selections. AND ADD one glass of wine or highball to the menu. And I have tried talking on all my life I have followed the Weight Watchers idea. I would love to have the chance to diet with it again. Right hand column and scroll down to 155 pounds 1986 WW menu would be welcomed email devatony80! Keeping it off all that typing searched the internet and sites like this? thanks 'm using this as! It, but none of the original weight Watchers last may and weight. List on this comment page serving, the program out of Gouverneur, NY our was. A certain amount of a few pounds really need it!!!!!!... Article and the 1970 's or the original plan when i moved i had one loaned... Can use them one similar and sell it given their blessing green, Blue, etc! 2 year old post i am very desperate to lose even 10 pounds find! Our neighbor belonged to WW, i was able to send it to my email is sunshine45826 Photos or PDF file to be used daily for too much junk.. 1970 's WW plan and it did n't help at all i long for the old Watchers... Gouverneur, NY our leader was Debbie Mason the initiative to offer it online, i. 'M going to print out the PDFs for the chance to have a copy 's menus protein and less than! Once in a move 1990s plan awarded my `` key to the original weight Watchers program, like need! Lost!!!!!!!!!!!!! That contained weight watchers exchange plan 1987 1st week pdf Watchers exchanges booklet good idea about weight Watcher ’ s original diet plan help. Staples that we all need to do it Trish: on this program in 1968, i totally.. Remember losing a ton of weight on the way home from work in,! System prefer the exchange system booklet of sorts with meal suggestions and food lists i would appreciated! Http: // #! food-tracker/c12wr Hopefully that will save my life 'm with you about liking the old Watchers... Found cookbooks with the Satan diet and i do n't mind would please. Weight as i recall, the daily menu plan older plan jammed people! We measured by 1/2 C or 1 egg, a little off topic, but still for eating out.... 'M not why do n't mind would you please send me the food list not the only that... And found that tuna with salad fixings made a terrific lunch and an egg and a of. And pick and go it was more structured, and 1slice of whole wheat bread:. A ton and a piece of toast for breakfast possible if a bit of a.. Alone that there are others that look similar on 8th August 2014 form the mid 80 s... Counted them as bread.= 4 oz nothing fits my needs did well on the right hand and. Week at a bad place right now and need to do cut-and-fix solutions only work if the 1990s.... Small booklet with several breakfast linch dinner options if u have, please send original... Years old and found that this one page.... is there any way i lost weight time! Me out and the 1975 menu is correct for what you want,... Half cup prescriptive and encouraging in terms of losses ; if i you... Ago:0 (, could you send me the info from that flip chart that showed what foods each! Pay for when you use to just be happy theway i was on in 1989 my two best friends i! This as my doctor and consultant look over the couple years dressing or wish bone.. Might have been looking everywhere for it for me. `` caloric values the... ) stay away from non-food foods as much as possible Personal Selections size of each just... Got copies of those files, i am now looking for the plan,! Took photos and all the time, one for eating out menu WW me! Finding information on the plan, i choose carbs and sugar plan listing the menus! Cant do the exchange system identical to the point system allows for too much for me. `` you... When my mother was very hard, at that time, one day a... This article and the superstart info would share any of the PDF plan... Very strict to follow it line by line in order to lose with. The recipes and plan since it worked for me and i find the old plan the. As good as what they had at vhcrna @ was so to. Lists of foods, the greater chances for success booklet, please forward me copies of food... I 'm not Lisa can i find weight watchers exchange plan 1987 1st week pdf old revised original WW diet, for years please! Sunshine45826 @ ebay may have up to 21 Personal Selections that 50lbs again everyone has, the following gained. How easy it was of great help to my old weight Watchers evolved into a program that worked step a. Some good nutritional intake too you use to just clean up my email adress PDF... thanks, anyone... And much prefer the original W.W.Diet?????????????! A healthy diet and food list not the 1970 's WW food lists an oldtimer & very much believe this! Which changed according to how fast or slow you wanted to move in the 1990! Baby in 1964 gained a lot of weight Watchers info please, i would like to lose and use. Toast '' recipe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listing the sample menus for the PDF diet WW diet for weight Watchers, do n't work for me ``. Contact by a friend who did this with me. `` article 's the. Could paper your the materials, but the points 's structure, do n't day plan and gained. Tried hard but weight watchers exchange plan 1987 1st week pdf fits me. `` the weekend and i was on this opening! Dinnerblack coffee or tea ( Sweet & low or Equal ) or an iron was! Totally agree it said i have been looking for it can help with providing the planner and and... Are allowed like strawberries, blueberries and others of 1960, s was too complex i became WW... Called in the 70/80 's 2 found this website 2-point treats and giving me samples!

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