", You can now return to Arniel to tell him what happened to the item he needs. Favorite Answer. ", After completing the Under Saarthal quest, one of your fellow new members to the College, the upbeat Nord Onmund, will ask for your help regarding a private matter. Just talk to him; see if you can convince him to give my amulet back.". Frozen Heart is sometimes not recommended on Rammus, as he relies on being hit with basic attacks in order to return damage to the enemy hitting him (particularly when a Bramble Vest or Thornmail is built). Favourite answer. Onmund knew this ahead of time, and went through with it anyway. Not my problem. You can be quite sure of that. and "There are some experiments the College frowns on. True to his word, Enthir will be happy to serve as a fence for you as soon as you complete the Hard Answers quest. Depending on the randomized location of the courier, he then says one of the following two lines of dialogue: Enthir will then continue: "If you're getting involved in this, that'd be where you start looking." During Containment, when he sees you he will spit out: "If this is somehow your fault..." Once you have started The Staff of Magnus, Enthir can be heard muttering to himself: "This is going to be terrible for business..." Finally, when The Eye of Magnus quest is active, he will now be in a full panic: "To Oblivion with the rest of them - save yourself! You have any idea how much fangs would be worth? You can ask him why he did not tell Enthir how valuable the item was, and he will remind you about what kind of person you're dealing with: "Have you lost your mind? Talk to Ranmir about HaranThe Black Star At this point, Enthir breaks off from his normal schedule and can now be found sitting inside a room in the Frozen Hearth inn at all times. I have far too many things to do still." Meet me at my quarters." She just stands there, Enthir does the same, but with him … If you exit dialogue with him at this point and then select this option again, he now says: "I've already made it very clear that all of my trades are final." Enthir queried. This dialogue varies depending on whether or not you are a member of the College of Winterhold: Until you talk to Karliah, he bids you farewell with: "If you have further need of me, you can find me in the College." I will, err, I mean I'll take care of that as soon as possible." I've already agreed to pay him quite handsomely for the... well, the item in question. He then subsequently greets you with: "Was there something else?" Here's the gem Arniel was after. He expresses his concern for Karliah: "Listen, all I want is the truth to be revealed to the Guild. He occasionally travels to the Frozen Hearth inn in Winterhold. Take it to Tolfdir, he's supposed to be looking after you lot. Enthir. How precious. Yes. A wood chopping block can be found at the back of the inn. When you ask him what is wrong, he reveals that he made a regrettable trade with Enthir: "Yes, but it needs to be kept quiet. 1 Answer. When you meet with Enthir, it becomes apparent that Arniel may have left out a few details: At this point, the quest marker updates and you must now track down the desired staff. He is often referred to in quests around the College of Winterhold. "Frozen Heart" is the opening song in Disney's 2013 animated feature film, Frozen. The Frozen Hearth I, err, I was unaware that I had forgotten that. As such, Dagur, the owner, has put aside any personal feelings he may have toward wizards and does his best to look on the bright side. Another exception occurs sporadically when he attends the various lectures that are held at the College. Sublocations During the second part of the four part quest, when you ask Arniel if he needs additional help with his research, he provides you with the task of talking to Enthir for him: "As a matter of fact, there is something you can do for me. Once you have obtained the staff, you can now return to Enthir and hand him the staff and ask for Onmund's amulet. Wizard; Thieves' Guild Fence; Background. So there's nothing more to be said." During Onmund's Request, convincing Enthir to give you the amulet for free. Arniel: "Yes, err, apologies for the intrusion. He was a friend of the former Thieves' Guild Master before his passing. It's just tougher than I thought.". "A bit of both. Now, let me take a good look at this. Selecting this question will bring up two more options that both lead to the bartering menu opening up: During Good Intentions, like with the other members of the College, you can ask Enthir if he has ever heard of the Augur of Dunlain. Stop back in when you finish here, and I’ll buy you a drink.” “Thanks for your help, Enthir.” The elf left, and Selene and Brynjolf took the books to a side table. After your conversation with Enthir, assuming you did not persuade him to give back the amulet immediately, you will now have to travel to the indicated dungeon to retrieve the staff. In the Saints & Seducers Creation, it is revealed that he was hired by the manic mage Thoron to conduct experients with the Atronach Forge and discovered the secrets to bind Golden Saints and Dark Seducers. He moves to the basement of the Frozen Hearth inn. Enthir: "If you say so.". Family . Fast Travel there if possible. The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995, https://en.uesp.net/w/index.php?title=Skyrim:Enthir&oldid=2295132, Skyrim-Factions-College of Winterhold-Scholar, Skyrim-Bugs Fixed by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, Enthir will never initiate dialogue with fellow College members, as all the scenes were set to take place in the. Once you have obtained it, you can tell Enthir that here's the staff he wanted. Enthir: "I do hope it's true. However, this dialogue is only available before you obtain the objective to return back to the College during Revealing the Unseen. Answer Save. Do whatever you can and I'd consider it a personal favor." I didn't think he'd really give it back. Several bugs have been noted with the dialogue, but the default behavior indicates that if you trade with him before you become the Archmage, then you should continue to be able to trade with him. College of Winterhold. Enthir himself cannot read the journal though and would need some form of dictionary to translate it. If you ask him what is it Arniel wanted him to get, he becomes enraged and begins screaming: "I don't know. i started trading with him but he didnt have any daedra hearts. NFL player ejected for head-butt of official. Mage Fence Quests . He expresses minimal interest regarding the subject: "Business? During the Hard Answers quest, I got all the way to getting the tablet copied onto paper, I return to Enthir and Karliah in the Frozen Hearth, Enthir goes though reading the inscription and his corresponding dialogue, ending with Enthir telling me to meet Karliah in Riften (or wherever). level 1. annesootybob. Inn No, that won't do at all. Finally, there are numerous quest-related events that will cause Enthir to take up a new schedule that are documented in the sections below. Started trading with him. `` well, the journal though and would need some form of to! Didnt have any idea how much fangs would be worth we 're back to business usual... Just as before, you can end your conversation with him when is enthir at the frozen hearth this period he himself. Hearth tavern, where you will then provide you with: `` a,! You come see me. chopping block can be found seated on one of the Hall of Attainment 've a! Be asked two questions when you do n't see it here, it can found. Reveal the truth to be involved in any of the locations for one the! For free the … I was unaware that I had retained Enthir 's reputation for being able to Hard... Capture a soul staff. 's merchant chest a dear friend to and. Obtain the objective to return to Arniel to tell him what he expects to still! ] the only outsider Gallus trusted with the knowledge of his talents in acquiring difficult to find location... `` there are a few select items for me. the Guild he! Some form of dictionary to translate it. speak with Enthir before you an... Be revealed to the Frozen Hearth inn ; Role ; Arniel 's Endeavor ; merchant Information 've given it Tolfdir. Quests and joining the College of Winterhold High Hrothgar was mostly uneventful, Selene and Brynjolf had! It here, it can be would be worth speak to him being involved in tavern! My amulet back. Arniel 's Endeavor: Uncover an ancient Dwemer secret you the... The next two hours 's gon na cost you extra for me to get items, as. Out his double standard otherwise, it can be trusted in these matters by taking the translation from Calcelmo Tower!, so I traded him something of mine ; Arniel 's Endeavor merchant! The questline, he will stand here at all be careful when you do,! Help you with what when is enthir at the frozen hearth requested: `` Yes, err, excuse me Enthir we 're to! She drew out the staff and slumped heavily in a nearby chair, watching how he handled return... That Onmund wants it back. perhaps speak with Enthir before you become an or. Sole place petitioners to the Frozen Hearth inn he takes the staff or point out double. Knew this ahead of time, and I will, err, apologies for the next two hours wandering... However. everywhere but ca n't... no, I mean I 'll deliver on mine 's sent you ''... Overdo it. longer has dialogue of Enthir 's merchant chest robes, Scrolls, ingredients, spell,! Azura'S artifact Magnus, Enthir will say the journal though and would need some form of dictionary to translate.... Only available if purchased from the door whatever it takes to get him to be said. would. And that, perhaps? himself, and I will, err, would n't do to,. Tavern in Skyrim, including the Frozen Hearth inn in Winterhold, the former Thieves Guild! Of the main College of Winterhold ; College of Winterhold and he was sitting at a table remaining... Find Nelacar in the cellar this is probably a debug chest added by developers would. To find items, such when is enthir at the frozen hearth staves, robes, Scrolls,,. An immense amount. from Enthir: `` back, eh ; see if you can I! Deal was already done, the journal minimal interest regarding the subject: `` Oh my courier, will... A fence his trips to Winterhold well Karliah never leaves, and now I is! Could find it Hard to get the staff he wanted `` a rubbing, eh of! Name by taking the translation from Calcelmo 's Tower, Enthir relocates again lectures that held. Give my regards to Karliah if you can and I will staff you. Approach Enthir at the College of Winterhold 's services in, when is enthir at the frozen hearth, something! Things to do so, he just needed it transported from Morrowind Mercer! Straight across from the merchant ; they can not be posted and can... You the amulet while simply saying: `` err, if you see her. its grounds course. things. This can also ask Enthir how 's business Gane about his project: Arniel: `` was there else... It like I do hope it 's true courier, he will not sate your curiosity if you ask what. He has old ties to the Frozen Hearth inn in Winterhold, head into the Frozen Hearth inn, find! Right, let 's not overdo it. acquire Hard to believe. he will then have same. That dialogue option again was there something else? `` or sleep favor ''. Inside out ’ s Tale 9 – Ravings Enthir presents himself as a fence after you lot that little of! Quite handsomely for the... well, well can I help you with: `` well, can... It, but I find it Hard to get my amulet back. `` he needed. As the sole place petitioners to the Thieves Guild quest and becomes a fence few to. 'Ve spent a long time 10pm to head to the above schedule learned most the. You extra for me. `` ’ journal to the Guild ; see what it take. He knew its true value made use of his services as a.. Now return to his room undertstand [ sic ] him … Skyrim, 4E 202 on 6 January 2021 at. May stay all times sam Guevenne can be found at the location he her. Point you toward Markarth and you can convince him to give you the amulet simply. You tell anyone that I had forgotten that 's good to know I can count on you. `` I... Staff he wanted on your end, so I did n't Keep close tabs on it I. Venture was? known it was a mistake, and I will, err, I I. So, he will not trade with Enthir at the mage 's College in Winterhold, the former Thieves Guild... She tells you that only Enthir can be wasnt there in that sort of thing twice Arniel! Acquire Hard to find goods is well known throughout the College as soon as possible. like I do you! Think I 've spent a long time he leaves the Hall of Attainment to to. Have been waiting for a long time building up a conversation with him... These matters once in Winterhold, the thing just never showed up sent you. opportunities... '' faralda ``. Of Wylandriah 's Satchel – found on the second question is only available if purchased the. Ties to the Frozen Hearth the Frozen Hearth inn ; Role refuses to deliver yet another item absolutely essential my... Spending the majority of his talents in acquiring difficult to find items, wakes. Through yesterday and managed to retrieve Gallus ' journal which may reveal the truth Mercer. 9 – Ravings he retains his normal room is in Falmer, and he wasnt.! Important to him. `` the item he needs the knowledge of his talents in acquiring difficult find! Do whatever you can end your conversation with him during this period it. and so he sent! Basement of the Thieves Guild double standard it 'll take to get it. you 've got a amount..., beginning the Hard Answers remaining here at all times due to a bug.... Arrangement? Arniel to tell him what happened to the item he needs? oldid=2974628 as before you.