The pair of headphones that works together with a chip made by Qualcomm is the Edifier x3, and although there is not much information about the exact chipset that is inside, it is a fact that having the help of this company is a great plus. Its price of RM259 is already more affordable than most other smartphone brands’ TWS products with acceptable audio quality and better battery life. the corresponding Bluetooth pairing name to connect as shown in the above picture; For subsequent use, the earbuds will automatically connect to the mobile phone used before. You decide if that's worth ten extra dollars. We have not reviewed that, but we are looking at the X3 for the first time and mother of god, it is extremely petite. EDIFIER X3 L EDIFIER X3 R Per il primo utilizzo, rimuovere direttamente gli auricolari dalla custodia di … CVC 8.0 noise cancellation removes the background noise and transmits a … Enjoy great sound with Edifier quality speakers. Please try TWS-Pair the earphones: For TWS1, TWS2, TWS5, X3: 1. Bluetooth, bookshelf, portable and more. Take out the right side only and double tap, blue led will blink fast 3. It can be argued that the audio quality can be much better but in that price range, we just can’t have everything. This may caused by the earphones are not TWS-Paired(Left-Right Pair) to each other. 4. Take out the right side only and double tap, blue led will blink fast 3. – The earbuds come with a Qualcomm chip and v5.0 Bluetooth, making the earbuds transmit ultra-high quality sound with a lightning speed. Edifier X3 is a music tws earphones / earbuds designed for music lovers. The Edifier X3 True Wireless Earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth v5.0 with Qualcomm Chipset to create a wireless connection with a range of up to 10m (30ft) and lower power consumption. X3 compact earphones feature most essential need of on the go in a mini case. They feature One-Step Pairing for a faster connection and have an ergonomic, compact design making them lightweight and … Edifier X3 TO-U – Edifier X3 TO-U, with its CVC8.0 noise-cancelling technology and V5.0 stable Bluetooth connection, is one of the best earbuds in the market. The Edifier TWS1 headset is a binaural wireless Bluetooth headset, and this headset can also be used by a single headset, so follow the editor here to learn how the Edifier TWS1 headset connects two mobile phones. All in all, the Edifier X3 wireless earbuds are a fine pair of wearables. Find a sound system for all your living room, home theatre or office needs. Qualcomm chipset provides strong capability with Bluetooth 5.0 and AptX audio technology to deliver CD-class sound quality. Unpair the earphones 2. It has the same clear sound, great battery life, and pocketable size - but doesn't add anything other than a USB-C port and different colors. ... Press the multi-function button on the tws1 headset for 2 seconds to bring it into the red-and-blue flash pairing state. Unpair the earphones 2. Design and Built The Edifier X3 comes in a plastic compact case with a … Edifier a Chinese audio brand known for desktop speakers and headphones, and now thier latest entry into the budget-market for wireless earphones is the new Edifier X3 True Wireless Earbuds. Please try TWS-Pair the earphones: For TWS1, TWS2, TWS5, X3: 1. The Edifier X3 has a resemblance to the TWS1 the brand announced a long while back ago. 4.5 STARS - The Edifier X3 TO-U Series is a more expensive, 'premium' version of the Edifier X3. This is the first time we have seen a True Wireless earbud this … Edifier X3 music earbuds reach a perfect balance between premium sound quality and compact design. In other words, the remarkable high-tech specifications … Take out the left side and do the same 4.