This +2 mag extension also helps shooters get a better grip on the Mini Glock 26, 27 or 33. Mfr Part: PG431 Add to Cart. I can find mag extensions that dont increase capacity but no +1. 30 Gen3; 30 Gen4; Glock 31 Parts . I also years ago talked to a Glock rep in regards to bringing out a G29 10rd mag with the same bottom finger extension as the 10 rd G30. $29.99. Increases the capacity of the magazine by 2 rounds. Add to Cart. I bought a 30 pretty soon after they came out and it came with a 9 round flush bottom and a 10 round magazine . Customer Service (904) 800-6333. Compare. Incorporates fourth generation texture pattern. The 2-Pack Pearce Grip, Model PG-29-2PK replaces the magazine base plate and retains all other factory components on a Glock 29 magazine. Injection molded of the same durable material used in the magazine body itself, the extended floorplate shape was designed to comfortably accommodate a proper firing grip. The reason is it can hang up on the 10mm spring because it is a thinner diameter than the G30 spring. (in stock) 0.0 You’ll get two extra rounds, bringing your total round count up to nine. i may just have to try it, get Glock 21 magazines extensions is probably a + 2, just gave away 2 to a friend, from my 20. Add extra rounds to your standard Glock 43x or 48 magazine with our NDZ +2 round magazine extension. Filters. Suite 500, Troy, Michigan 48084 USA. :supergrin: I shoot my Glock 29 better with an extension (an x-grip adapter on a full length magazine). GLOCK Factory G22 Magazine. Features. This does create some problems and I lucked up and got a 10 round magazine pretty cheap on Ebay for a 29 that would not go in my 29 because it had a 30 ( 10 round ) extension on it. If I wanted a plus 2 from my standard 15 round mag why not buy a G17 mag etc.? GLOCK Factory G17 Magazine. $29.95 . You put the tools in for the job." Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here... © 2020 Copyright,entire contents by CTD, Inc. Cheaper Than Dirt! Let's be reasonable here about just how many rounds we need. Extension 2. 17 Rounds. Double Diamond Plus Extension and Magazine Combos. Buy a G20 mag with an Xgrip sleeve and add 3 or 4 rounds. Just about every GLOCK mag extension sold on eBay will increase your clip by two bullets, bringing the typical magazine size up from 8, 9, 10, 13, or 15 bullets depending on the GLOCK models that you attach the magazine extension to 10, 11, 12, 15, or 17, respectively. I cant find anyone that makes a +1 magazine extension for my Gen 4 G29. The parts that we offer are springs, magazine extensions, base pads (with different colors), trigger systems, pin sets, extended mag release variants, palm safety, slide cover plates, and mag base removal tools. The Mag-Ex Kit 2 is available in 9mm, 10mm, and .45ACP and designed for standard capacity G17, G20, and G21 magazines for an overall capacity of 40 rounds of 9mm, 33 rounds of 10mm, and 30 rounds of .45ACP for your KRISS Vector, Glock handgun, and your Glock magazine … I have a G19. BIG UPDATE!!! Anybody ever put a G29 mag follower in a G30 10rd mag to see what happens? Glock 19/23; Glock 48/43X; Glock Full Size; Glock 42; Glock 43; Glock .45 Cal; ... $29.99. Find magazine extension for your pistol. The Pearce Grips Magazine Extension for the GLOCK 29/20/21/40 and 41 replaces the magazine base plate and retain all other factory components and adds 2 rounds to the magazine capacity. The Tangodown Magazine Extension For Glock 43 adds some thoughtful design to the process of adding rounds to your Glock. As low as $31.30. More Details. The X-GRIP slips over the full size magazine and interlocks into place around the floorplate. Save glock 29 magazine extension to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Thanks for all the help guys! View: 1 2. Includes the required SP07165 insert. Glock 29 Parts . GLOCK Trigger Spring: GLOCK Armorer's Disassembly Tool A revolver , Double barrel shotgun and a lever action 22 rifle is all I have now ! Kit. Magazine Extensions; Glock; Filter by. This does create some problems and I lucked up and got a 10 round magazine for a 29 that would not go in my 29 because it had a 30 ( 10 round ) extension on it. Mfr Part: PG29. The 10 round is the oddball magazine. G-19 Full Capacity Magazine ... G-29 Magazine w/+2… magazines. 12 coil plus power spring included. Works great for G26,27 & 33 magazines. Quick View. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Keep in mind that the 9 round model 30 magazine is the same length as the 29. X-GRIPS do not fit Gen 1 or Gen 2 GLOCK … The G30 Pearce Grip Extension doesn't work on the G29 ten round magazine as it extends up the magazine tube disallowing the magazine to be properly seated. 5 rounds of 10mm is enough to take down 30 assailants. + Shipping to: 98837. Shield Arms +2 magazine extension for Glock 43. Save up to 5% when you buy more. We use cookies on this site to improve your experience. Increases the capacity of the magazine by 2 rounds. Buy It Now. Orders over $19.99 ship free Glock is really slow, or they just do what Glock wants to do. These units will add some additional length resulting in better control and comfort also. 31 Gen3; ... +2 Magazine Extension for Glock 43. Wait List. "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at you side, kid", for some reason the G29 is different baseplate than G30, in theory it does look like it will work. Glockmeister Grip Plug For Gen 1, 2, 3 Full Size & Compact GLOCKS: GLOCK Plus 2 Magazine Extension: GLOCK Extended Slide Stop (see full description for model breakdown / fit) GLOCK Factory G21 Magazine. Put the correct base plate on it and got a 30 extension for free . Buy 3 or more and save with the discount code 3PACK. Genuinely curious as to what the benefit would be to make my 15 a 17 instead of having a 15 and a 17 for less money? It does not alter the capacity of the magazine and provides about 1/2" additional length for better control and comfort. $49.95 . Adds 1 round to 45 GAP, 40S&W, 357SIG magazines Fits all Full Metal Lined (FML) magazines. Show: Sort By: G-17 Full Capacity Magazine w/+2. Base Pad For Glock 9/40 Full Size Magazines. XGrip GLOCK 29-30 Magazine Adapter Magazine Spacer for Full Size GLOCK 20/21 Mag... XGrip GLOCK 29-30 Magazine Adapter Magazine Spacer... Our Low Price $22.92 QuickView Pearce Grip Extension GLOCK 29 Plus Zero Polymer Black PG-29 Pearce Grip Extension GLOCK 29 Plus Zero Polymer B... Our Low Price $10.18 Other wise, I overcompensate with too tight of a grip (heeling). Why settle for a plus 1 or 2 extension? After research I would not want a mag extension for the 10 round factory mags anyway. Thank you God. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Wish Lists. tango plus 2 magazine extension for glock 43 Item: G43+2 TANGO Ample Stock Manufacturer: VICKERS TACTICAL $9.95 ADDS 2 ROUNDS TO THE FACTORY GLOCK 43 MAGAZINE MAGAZINE SPRING INCLUDED A&G Grip Extensiom G20,21 Item: AG2021 Ample Stock Manufacturer: A & G Grip $9.75 GLOCK 29/20/21/40/41 Magazine Extension For use on Glock M20,M21,M29,M40 and M41 Full Metal Lined Glock magazines. Base Pad For PCC Glock 9mm 30/31/33 Round OEM Magazines. Orders Received by 4:00 PM Mon-Fri No tools are required. The Shield Arms Glock 17/22/34/35/19X/45 Magazine Extension adds 5 rounds to your Glock 17/19X/34/45 magazine, and 4 rounds to your Glock 22/35 magazine. Not for use on Glock M30 10 round magazines. When I was carrying a 30, those 9-round mags with the Pearce PG29 extenstions were useful for concealed carry. I bought a 30 pretty soon after they came out and it came with a 9 round flush bottom and a 10 round magazine . Explore our collection featuring Glock magazines with extensions at while you are here. Free shipping. This item is currently unavailable. Our unique, easy access floor plate design allows you to easily access the spring and follower without having to remove the extension from the magazine body. "Well, you know, it's a toolbox. Brand New. Glock plus magazine extension that adds two rounds to the 9mm, .40 cal., and .357 (does not fit the G43). shield arms. I called Pearce grips this morning to see why the G30+2 baseplate is not listed for the G29 also. This extension replaces the magazine floor plate adding two rounds capacity to Glock factory 20,21,29,40 and 41 magazines. Tyrant Designs Glock 43 +2 Magazine Extension . $34.95 Kriss G21 Super V Mag 30 Ext. $29.99. Typically ships within 1 to 2 business days. when I had my 29 I ran it with the +2 from the 21 mags, I had no issues at all, it only loaded one more round if I remember correctly. Choose Options. Wish Lists. ... Plus 4 magazine extension for Glock .45ACP. In particular, the Pearce PG29 plus-zero mag extension WILL work with the 9-round G30 mag. High Impact Polymer Material GLOCK 29/20/21/40/41 Magazine Extension For use on Glock M20,M21,M29,M40 and M41 Full Metal Lined Glock magazines. Includes 1 extension and 1 insert. Simply remove the standard magazine base plate and install this factory +2 extension along with the factory magazine insert plate and increase magazine capacity instantly. brings you a carefully selected collection of the best Glock magazine extensions for your pistols. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Choose Options. I am curious why I should spend 40$ on an extension instead of spending 30 on a full mag with extra capacity. Pearce Grips Magazine Extension 29/20/21/40 and 41 Plus 2 Rounds Polymer Black. I have checked all the major manufacturers to no avail. Vickers Tactical™ & TangoDown, Inc.® announces the +2 Magazine extension for the Glock® G43. It will also fit the Gen3 but will have the Gen 4 texture. Due to High Order Volumes, Expect Delays in Processing Orders. The TEN-round G30 mag is built differently at the BOTTOM of the mag… Also notice the difference in the location of the top of the extension to the grove that holds it to the magazine ., Grips/G30withPearce2.jpg.html,,, Watch One America News Network on Pluto TV, Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 3290 W. Big Beaver Rd. Also notice the difference in the location of the top of the extension to the grove that holds it to the magazine . Glock OEM Parts, SP07151 Plus Two Magazine Extension, w/SP07165 Mag Insert (both needed) For all GLOCK 9MM / 40SW / 357 double stack magazines. It is injection molded from the same material that’s used in the magazine’s body, with an extended floorplate designed to fit a comfortable firing grip. Add to Cart. Update your shipping location ... Plus 2 Magazine Extension For Glock 43 Enhanced Aluminum +2 Pad Black New . For Expert Glock Advice Call Toll Free. Hey we are only the shooters/users huh. Not Yet Rated $45.80. Fits Glock® 29, Adds 0. My opinion doesn't mean much , just ask the Mrs. or my kids and they will tell you that i am wrong. Morgantown Airport Gunsmith Key And Glock 29 Plus 2 Magazine Extension Reviews : Get best Morgantown Airport Gunsmith Key And Glock 29 Plus 2 Magazine Extension 800-601-8273. Keep in mind that the 9 round model 30 magazine is the same length as the 29. The 10 round is the oddball magazine. Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, troubleshooting, accessories, classifieds, and more! Add to Cart. CARVER Custom. God has been extremely good to me! Extended “shelf” for the little finger attaches in place of the factory magazine base. Glock OEM (factory) current production +2 magazine extension will add 2 rounds to all the standard (hi-capacity) 9mm. This unit is for use on high capacity magazines only, it will not work on the 10 round M20 and M21 magazines. Makes shooting these little “handfuls” a lot more comfortable. Utilizes the same spring in your magazine. Easy installation. Get Magazine Extension Here ... Taylor Freelance Goliath Glock plus 20 Basepad . To be notified when back in stock, please enter your email address. glock®g43x/g48 s15 magazine extension. The good news is he told me to wait for 2 weeks because they are bringing out a +2 magazine extension for the Gen 4 G29!!!!! Compatible with Gen 3 or Gen 4 factory G20 or G21 magazines. and the Cheaper Than Dirt symbol are registered trademarks of Direct Investments LTD. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. WARNING This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Compare. As low as $69.99. Add to cart Add to wishlist Add to compare list. The part number will be PG1045+. Glock Armorers On Duty 7 Days A Week For the Fastest Delivery, Select Express Shipping at Checkout. The G30 magazine fits in the G29, however, you can't swap out the .045" follower for the 10mm follower and expect it to work as the feed opening is to large for the 10mm round and the 10mm follower tilts-up /protrudes beyond the opening. "We will take it under advisement", of course that was 11 years ago. Whether your handguns are Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield, Hyve Technologies will always have something to offer. A forum community dedicated to Glock firearm owners and enthusiasts. $39.99. Be prepared on & off the range. tti +2 base pad for glock 43 $ 28.99 +4 magazine extension for g43x/48 $ 34.99; si extended magazine plate for glock 17/22 $ 14.99; vickers tactical magazine floor plate for glock 42/43 plus 2 $ 9.99 +4 extension for g43 $ 19.99 – $ 34.99 13 Rounds. 29 Gen3; 29 Gen4; Glock 30 Parts . The best defense is a good offense, and I'm really offensive. Using these easy-to-install mag extensions, you can easily add two (2) extra rounds to your magazine capacity while offering more grip when removing the magazine pouch. $24.99. 15 Rounds. - Sam. $9.95 In ... Glock 43 Plus 1 Grip Extension. JavaScript is disabled. ... Shield Arms +5 mag extension for the S15 magazine. Just sayin. Monday - Friday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone) Order Online 24/7.