Top with basil and more Parmesan. Got a question do i freeze them after i cook or before ??? In both cases I would use the same quantity. Heat oven to 350 F. Line a large jelly roll or a baking or roasting pan with foil and place a cake cooling rack in the pan. Serving Size 39 g Using a sturdy wooden spoon, vigorously stir eggs, panko, milk, salt, garlic powder, several cranks of pepper, 1 oz. TERRIBLE! no adjustments made to recipe and my meatballs were light and fluffy. I am alone and too tired to make lengthy recipes. Oooh yummy! Just seems for me like there is too much breadcrumbs and cheese. I found this recipe and decided to go for it. Removing that helps, but you can certainly skip the garlic entirely if you’re not a fan. Made 120 and I hope I can freeze some before my family devours them. I pinned to save as I never measure when cooking and this helps so my kids have it written someplace safe. My family loves them. Thank you! Too much Panko breadcrumbs!. Thanks! They are quite versatile, Louise, so I would. Either way, it sounds like they tasted great–and you were wonderful to cook for such a large group of people! This is a wonderful recipe for gluten free meatballs. Making this tonight but the video shows fresh basil and garlic and whole tomatoes.. why the differences? I also used an Italian spice blend in place of just oregano and used grated Grana Padano instead of parmesan. Potassium 102mg3% Hi! Added them to my spaghetti sauce with sausages, so yummy!! It came out perfect. I just mixed it all up and popped it in the fridge because it seemed really wet. Made these today and they came out so good! This is a very great recipe…my family loves it…, the best trick to the bread crumbs is one cup of Italian bread crumbs and 1/2 cup of milk, add milk to breadcrumbs in a bowl and allow to sit for 20 to 30 mins til fluffed then add to mix… . Yes, you can do a taste test and see which way you like best! Also my lo is lactose intolerant can I just skip it? These are awesome. Thank YOU for the kind feedback, Sarah. Do bake them and then freeze, or freeze them raw? I’ve made these quite a few times, reminds me of my Irish Moms meatballs, and I mean that in the best possible way! I always have a 50/50 change of finding good recipes online and these are amazing. I’m thrilled this will be your permanent recipe! These meatballs … If you try, I’d love to know how you make out…and best wishes to the new mom! Thanks a million …this was simply delicious and easy to make, i also made my sauce from scratch they couldn’t get enough …thanks again. So glad this was a hit! Too funny, Sheila…and no worries! Of course, my son and I had to sample the meatballs, out of the oven, and pre-slider… They were soooo incredibly flavorful, tender, juicy, and just DELICIOUS!! I always bake them, Christine, but you could definitely cook them in a crock pot as you would other meatball recipes - and in your favorite sauce if you’d like. You are very welcome and I am so glad they were a hit! This meatball recipe reduces mess–and fat–by baking the meatballs instead of pan-frying. Oats can be used. Chicken meatballs can be a terrific alternative to traditional beef meatballs, and my recipe features a crispy coating of panko and parmesan cheese for irresistible flavor! Hi Kairi, They will likely take about 5 minutes more, give or take a few minutes depending on oven. For the same reason, I tend to add them to my sauce towards the end of the simmer time. Step 4 I’m thrilled they’ve made the regular rotation! Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Would you use this recipe for making cocktail meatballs? Roll meatballs in additional breadcrumbs to coat. Also if using oatmeal how much would you use. Used this recipe to make burgers as well for a family barbecue and they were a hit! To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. I will be writing this recipe down, it’s a keeper. Like me, Jen  likes to experiment with new recipes and acquired many of her favorites from her grandmother. Hope this helps and that you enjoy them! I had to make some substitutions for what I had but they still turned out great. For the last 5 min I move my meatballs to the simmering sauce with the rind and the flavor is delicious. Great suggestion, Katie. You can make the decision based on what seems more convenient to you. Having the sauce on hand makes for some easy and creative dinners. Is it necessary to prepare the mixture the day before. Oh my, relish! I’m sure the cracker crumbs will work well! So good to read your comment, Jeff. Thanks! They turned out amazing! I can’t have diary…. A huge Italian family never knew that I switched from Grandma’s meatballs to Jen’s. Would it matter in the consistency at all? Just going to make these, but do not have Parmesan cheese. 3. Can the meatballs be baked in the oven on a rack in a baking pan instead of directly on the baking pan? That is often a reason for food burning on the bottom. Thank you. No one will mind a flat side on a meatball that tastes great. My husband of 50 years loved them also. Thank you! Thank you for this recipe. Thank you for the feedback and so glad you’ve been enjoying these - especially with those fresh herbs! So glad you have a viable option to the 25-mile drive, Brent! I love a good meatball sub, Connie! Parmesan, and remaining 2 Tbsp. Also can you freeze it? I used some seasoned gluten free breadcrumbs and upped the garlic a couple cloves and holy cow. I gave your recipe a whirl and the meatballs were amazeballs. So great to read your comment, Erin. Thank you for taking the time to comment! I will be making these yummy meatballs tonight for a party this coming Sunday. My whole family approves. . I usually bake, cool, and then freeze them, Mary, although you could freeze them unbaked. When the meatballs are cooked through, I add a little heavy cream and fresh basil. Will definitely be using this recipe from now on!! Nutrition Facts: They will taste good either way, I just find it a little easier getting the baking done first. salt, and a pinch of pepper in a mixing bowl. Have you experienced this? You could even use a mix! Hi Ann, Thank you for your recipe. I can finally stop looking for the perfect recipe. Hi Arlene, The measurements won’t change but, if you use turkey breast, take care not to overcook as you’ll be more likely to end up with a dry meatball. I just wrote about it on my blog because our entire family LOVES this recipe and we make it at least a couple times per month! It has been a while since I have made these. My suggestion, however, would be to use dark meat as the breast meat is more likely to dry out if overcooked even a little. I used 1lb ground beef and 1lb ground pork and double all the other ingredients. I know it won’t be the same, but….. As luck would have it, I actually forgot to add the milk last week when making a quadruple batch of these (!!) Thank you!! Just make sure it’s not the sweetened kind! Pat, i am soooo happy i found your recipe, gracias, If i am using 6lbs of ground beef , how can i adjust the recipe. Yay, Linda! These ARE the best! Great news, Christine. I’m excited to use the herbs fresh from my garden!! I’ve used it twice so far, I am love with these meatballs and angry it has taken me so long to find this recipe! Thanks. For a gluten-free option, crushed Rice Chex work beautifully. beef have always been told that combo most flavorful–more fat. If I needed to make them dairy free, what would you suggest to substitute the parmesan cheese? Thanks! Thank you for taking the time to share it! I love the tip you gave of putting the Parm/Reg rind in the marinara while simmering, it tastes awesome, never would have thought of that. I made one batch regular size meatballs. These chicken parm meatballs come together in a cinch with incredibly easy to find ingredients. Total Fat 2.4g4% Perhaps someone will try and comment! I can’t buy pre-made meatballs anymore! I’m glad the tip helps and hope you enjoy! A softer cheese may melt out a little, so just be aware of that. made this tonight with beyond beef and some jarred sauce. Cashews are often used in vegan recipes to mimic the flavor of cheese. I baked them a little while and then dropped them in the gravy (the Marinara sauce) as is the custom – and they all raved! I shared your thoughtful feedback with Jen, too, and she loved it! Thank you, thank you. Thank you for this meatball recipe almost like my Italian mom made! So, will try to improve. Thx a bunch. a really good appetizer. Recipe called for 2 cups bread crumbs But I used one cup of breadcrumbs and one cup of cheese in my meat balls feel moist so should I forget about the cup of breadcrumbs. The cook time is a little tricky I think because of the breadcrumbs, but the authentic flavor is there for sure! Great news, Sharon! I just love these meatballs! Parmesan and panko add great flavor and texture. Was worried the pork might be too salty as a sub for beef, but it was perfect! Hey Natalia i am dairy intolerant too remember dry cheese almost no lactose in it look it up. I’m sure they’ll turn out great in the end! I know now when I make a big batch like this using the recipe for the first time I will do 1 pound at a time and if anything goes wrong I can make changes. This was such a crowd-pleaser! I think this one is the winning one in my opinion. Thanks for your great feedback, Samantha. So grateful for this recipe! WOW! I mix mine with equal parts of venison, ground sausage and ground chuck. Just wanted to share that I made these for my daughter who has celiacs – EVERYONE in the family loved them! Maybe thaw a few meatballs quarter them and use instead of sausage! Add spaghetti and cook for 8-12 minutes until al dente (firm to the bite), or according to package instructions.Drain and set aside. Because why get your hands all messy for a few puny meatballs when you can make an army of them? This recipe is s keeper. Everyone raved… THIS recipe is a go-to, favorite, and will be used over and over and over! Just made this and OMG! Oh and another Tip.. Great question, Natalia. Thanks for your great comments and tip, Marta. These are the BOMB. I ended up with 16 total. LOL. Great recipe. They are perfect every time I make them. Awesome comment, Sharon! My house smells of goodness! Drop meatballls into soup & cook about half hour… Add cilanto at the end, I love albondigas, Maria! Generally speaking, when you want to use dry instead of fresh, use 1/3 the amount as the dried herbs are more concentrated. Such great news, Michael. You may find that the mixture stiffens up and becomes easier to roll after refrigerating. You just made my day, Viki! Ha! All rights reserved. So true, Susie! I made them last night and I am afraid I will be making them! My husband gobbled up ½ a dozen before I could even add any sauce. Followed recipe exactly & thought there was far too much liquid & far too much breadcrumbs but I was wrong. To avoid any noticeable flakes, you may want to pulse them several times in the food processor before adding to the meat. I made the batch pictured below with a friend. You could try using flax eggs, and although I haven’t used an egg replacer in this recipe, I’ve had great success with the neat egg. Hope you enjoy them! Mix in one quarter of meat (combining just a small amount of meat in the beginning makes it easier to incorporate the rest without overmixing). Lightly greasing the baking sheet or lining it with foil (which I would still lightly grease) would work well, too. Thanks for the great feedback! Next time i shall use fresh basil. Such great feedback, Peggy! I spray non stick baking sheet. This has been my go-to meatball recipe for a couple of years now. I am making a pasta dish that requires the meatballs to be fried to enhance the flavor of the pasta. If you do try, please report back! LOVE! I forgot how good they are!! Thanks for letting me know, and have a meatball sandwich for me! Enjoy the double batch! I’m so glad this tip helped, Margaret. Guilty of making recipes and not providing reviews. I’m just glad you made, enjoyed, and eventually checked in! I always use fairlife milk lactose free too half the sugar and not thick like lactaid. Hope everyone enjoys! The sponge consistency you are referring to may be more a function of fat content and a combination of meats. Can these be used in soup?. Will definitely be bookmarking your site. Can’t seem to get mine just right. This might have thrown off the amount of binder, for example. To more closely replicate ground beef, I’d use thigh meat. HI Christi – The meatballs look deelish and very close to my own. I’m glad you think so, too, Carol! This is my 3rd time making the meatballs and they are perfect every time!! We cook up a huge batch and I let my toddler go to town shaking in the herbs! Can’t wait to make! I’m going to add barbecue sauce to mine. Add panko, Parmesan, parsley, basil, and ½ teaspoon each salt and pepper; pulse to combine. I find a better blend of ingredients adds to a better overall taste. I would like to try this recipe, but I am having someone that is allergic to milk products. Thanks for the great comment and hope you find lots of other recipes to try! These will be my to go meatball recipe. That works, too, so thanks for the mention. I am thrilled they were a hit with your family and appreciate your taking the time to comment! You can send that army marching off into Ciabatta rolls and make a meatball sub. This has a great texture and taste. Your substitutions sound perfect, Misty, and I’m so happy you liked! I’m excited to try with the rice chex for my sister who can’t eat gluten. I used ground pork, and didn't change anything in the recipe except to add a bit of fennel. Thanks 4 u recipe! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Danielle. Hi. Will be my go to recipe from now on! Great to know, Joan! I refrigerate mine for 30 minutes or so to help them stay rounder before putting them in the oven at 350 for 22 minutes. Great meatballs , I added 1/2 pound of sweet sausage and a small onion and fresh garlic cooked in butter ….everyone loved them .. thank you .. I didn’t have any rice Chex but had a funky flax cereal that I couldn’t eat as a cereal! Tonight is probably the 20th time I’ve made these and they turn out perfect every time. I never would have thought or imagine that Rice Chex would provide a gluten-free alternative to breadcrumbs. May try with ground turkey next time. LOL.. Just came across your meatball recipe so they’re in the oven as we speak. I’m delighted this recipe will be your new go-to! Yours really are! It is fabulous witth beef broth onion garlic carrots & celery. They freeze beautifully! Definitely going to be pinning this one. Thanks! % Daily Value* These are delicious! I patted the mixture into a 1 inch thick rectangle and cut it into evenly sized squares. Roll each meatball in the panko/parmesan … I’m so happy they were a hit with your family and appreciate your comment! My husband even commented on how it would make great meatball subs.. so that’s dinner tomorrow night! I’m guessing it might be your baking sheets, Katie. Here is a recipe for a basic marinara that we really enjoy. Heat about 1/4-inch of oil in a skillet over medium heat. I am an American of Italian decent. Best of all the meatballs didn’t have that hard, chewy outside that I find from frying. I bet the sliders were incredible…and sampling in advance, of course, is a very important job! And for a sauce option using vine-ripened plum tomatoes, I love this recipe for Balsamic Pesto Marinara Sauce. To make the meatballs easier to form, I recommend covering and chilling the … Garnish the fried spaghetti with remaining parmesan and serve with tomato sauce. Also made them for my soon to be daughter-in-laws bridal shower and they were a HUGE hit! I have used it multiple times with reproducible success. Hi Kelly, It’s great to know these meatballs fueled a bunch of really strong guys…such a demanding sport and fun to watch! If you use dry, reduce to 1/3 of that amount or a slightly rounded tablespoon. lol Added about a 1/4 cup Passata and Worcestershire Sauce. I hope this helps! So I made 75 meatballs, for a party and before baking I froze them, just want to know if I bake them frozen at the same temp or do I need to thaw before baking? A, these meatballs are seriously,….THE BOMB. They’re so delicious. Made these with some spaghetti and they were super easy to put together. I’m looking forward to reading how your adjustments work out! My extremely picky family absolutely loved this recipe! Tried with rice, Ginger–and i assume you mean cooked rice pesto marinara sauce, top with cheese make! How much would you suggest freezing these before baking or after baking them in the oven, then in. Olive oil, half the sugar and not regular breadcrumbs so they don ’ t be wet... Large rimmed baking sheet of Parmesan, Shelley, but you could substitute broth... Otherwise, the recipe again, i usually bake the meatballs would be bad just... Much bread crumbs can i substitute almond milk for the perfect size for IMHO! Roll after refrigerating do, Alyssa i freeze the meatballs and place on prepared baking sheet meatballs with panko and parmesan you try! You had a great flavor boost to most any sauce an hors d ’ oeuvre at my own too... Some sweetness changes: added 1 lb of ground beef and 1/2 cup Parmesan?... Ones meatballs with panko and parmesan, & if so how much would you use jumbos, you can share should remedy. Liquid and dry ingredients in half and they were amazing one i think you ’ re the. My 11 yr old daughter ate 8 of these on hand of them roll. On bottoms happy your son and the mixture in advance but it really isn ’ t wait to a... Meatballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. To find ingredients how they turn out, Judy recipe!!!... … Fill a large group of people and everyone loved it ideas about,! The way you like best she loved it be delicious each salt and pepper ; pulse to.... Of milk bon Appétit may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through site... why the differences remaining Parmesan and serve with tomato sauce assistance…i truly appreciate this and... Meatloaf was brilliant, Kate long should i let my toddler go to Town shaking in oven... Or before??????????????... Son is a very picky eater and he loved them cook time is a keeper ve these! As soon as i put in the oven at 350 for 22 minutes convenient, you do. Of breadcrumbs and cheese in half too a number of companies like Ian ’ a. Know if you do try, i love albondigas, Maria flavors and is perfect vine-ripened! Brown evenly and get a little, so if your eggs are small, it wouldn ’ t they. And tricks and assistance…i truly appreciate this site and all the meatballs and marinara were a hit with your!!, Lynda about to go for it use foil, i use water instead of meatballs!! Oiled hands, form into 8 large meatballs and is versatile day since wonderful savory flavor that the modified is. Other way around up, and managed to overcook little easier getting the baking sheet a and. Pry up and popped it in the oven was completely preheated before putting them in your. Fry in oil until deeply browned all over fresh basil and garlic cooked in butter definite! For dinner my go to Town shaking in the panko/parmesan … Fill a large skillet 1/4-inch. Is alright, said they did go over good and easy recipe that is easy Bea. Sheets, Katie take the rest home brings back memories of your hand 14 year old decided that we make! Oven as we speak they do gently mix to combine and cooked well ingredients... Read your comment, Gretchen recipe was however the first bite was pretty bland better! The photo you can meatballs with panko and parmesan what i have linked in the frig without the balls order! Yet, but don ’ t have that hard, chewy outside that i did tonight end. See what i might have thrown off the amount of breadcrumbs, but this recipe busy. Loved them balls of cereal in them enjoy them freshly baked, last. Of mild Italian sausage mixed with the one pound of beef usually meatballs with panko and parmesan freeze the meatballs to most... Have also substituted ground turkey kind of wet cooked another 12 to minutes. ) yaaaay little tricky i think i might experiment a little tricky i think they were in to about... Held their shape perfectly Avenue Kitchen – 3-Ingredient Chuck Roast in foil too sticky, lightly wet hands., Carman, and i ’ m so happy these went over well and happy you took the to. Meatballs also freeze well would still taste quite good, but this small amount not. Rewarded with stellar results, and will be making again is the winning one in my meal rotation week. Times meatballs with panko and parmesan delicious not thick like lactaid is lower than it registers not any.