CPAs open lines of communication because roles and goals are clearly defined. framework and enhanced services. A pharmacy should partner with you, not simply dispense medications. We allow for program customization to meet specific client needs. Enhanced services could include extra, pertinent clinical information, such as lab values. Thoughts From Your Peers Who Completed a Rotation at a CPESN Site: “There is a big difference between CPESN and non-CPESN pharmacies. By Ross Ferguson Something that caught the eye of many colleagues in England was the announcement that the Scottish Government was providing dedicated funding for the Additional Cost of Teaching (ACT) of experiential learning (EL) for pharmacy undergraduates for 2018-19. Our pharmacy enhanced services include Health checks and testing services. Instead of focusing on filling the prescription fast, accurately, inexpensively, and with little patient interaction, CPESN pharmacies focus on patients and providing a higher level of pharmacy care. These sites allow flexibility and innovation. Locally commissioned community pharmacy services can be contracted via a number of different routes and by different commissioners, including local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and local NHS England teams. Community pharmacy enhanced services networks (CPESN) pharmacies approach the practice of community pharmacy differently. 2. All participating pharmacies have agreed to support medication adherence, conduct medication reconciliation after hospital discharge, and prevent medication wastage by verifying patient need prior to each fill. EMS offers full service, CMS-compliant MTM programs to optimize medication use, manage disease states, coordinate care, and reduce avoidable healthcare costs. The preceptors are very passionate about being preceptors and want to teach you. MedWise looks at all the medications that the patient is taking, what time they take their medication, and which enzymes are being used for metabolism. Consulting Services A licensed pharmacist can assist in a variety of consultations helping to optimize the best medication regimen or over the counter product based on your needs. Gardens Pharmacy is a member of Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) Florida. Being in the CPESN network allows a pharmacist to work at the top of their license and get to know the patients better. Beyond these core services, a pharmacy can propose to offer enhanced services. The network provides a way for community pharmacists to collaborate and advance the pharmacy profession while working at the top of their licenses. Whether that is a new and innovative enhanced service in a single pharmacy, or pharmacy friendly health insurance benefit design for a national employer, we’re doubling down on LOCALLY delivered pharmacy care services. The network holds the participating pharmacies accountable for the care they provide to their patients by requiring a minimum of ten eCare plans to be completed each quarter. Offer a private and confidential setting to talk with the patient about medications and related healthcare issues and counseling regarding how to use and take medications safely (prescription medications, remedies, vitamins, and other over-the-counter medications); Establish an ongoing professional relationship with the patient; Provide in depth review of patient medication regimens to identify opportunities to optimize therapy; Provide information about the benefits and potential side effects of medications; Answer questions about medications and other health concerns; Assist the patient with understanding the importance of all medications and taking them as prescribed or recommended; Work with you and other health care professionals to resolve any concerns with the patient’s medications. My goal upon graduation will be to get the pharmacies back home to be CPESN pharmacies.” – Monica Nikseresht. ABOUT Our community pharmacy-based network of Pharmacists and their teams improve the health and quality of life of Minnesotans by delivering enhanced medication-related services, while working in collaboration with other healthcare providers to optimize therapeutic outcomes and control costs of care. Integrating Pharmacists into the Medical Home Team In early 2014, CCNC created a Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN® Network) to broaden capacity for care management and medication optimization services, especially to the sub-population in greatest need of these services. The South Carolina Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (SC CPESN) is a group of independent pharmacies that have banded together to focus on providing the "extra" services necessary to consistently improve health and outcomes for the residents of our state. Advanced Services There are six Advanced Services within the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF). The Services Checklist has been updated in January 2020 and can be found below: In order to provide National Enhanced Services in Wales you are required to undertake an accreditation process and reaccredit every three years thereafter. Community pharmacy enhanced service networks (Clinically Integrated Networks, or CINs) have been forming throughout the country over the past few years with a strong focus on patient outcomes and coordination of care. The data showed that enhanced pharmacy services reduced prescription utilization (14%) and medical costs (15.6%), which could result in a significant return on investment. We believe a pharmacy should reach beyond medications and provide services that maintain your health and well-being. Community pharmacies can choose to provide any of these services as long as they meet the requirements set out in the Secretary of State Directions. CPESN’s Enhanced Pharmacy Services All participating pharmacies have agreed to support medication adherence, conduct medication reconciliation after hospital discharge, and prevent medication wastage by verifying patient need prior to each fill. Here is a list of participating sites for you to complete your rotation and experience the CPESN pharmacy difference first-hand: Main at Locust Pharmacy and Medical Supplies, Washington County Hospital Beans Pharmacy. Participating in a CPESN APPE rotation site will allow you to experience this sooner and be prepared for the future of pharmacy.” – Monica Nikseresht, “When selecting APPEs, Look for appointment-based model locations. It was never my plan to go back home to the pharmacies, but my work and APPE experiences with CPESN pharmacies gave me my ‘aha moment’ and made me realize that I could make it happen for my hometown. Likewise, clear and clinically-relevant communication with the provider and care team is a core service of all CPESN pharmacies. I always thought that I would want to do hospital pharmacy, but participation in CPESN pharmacies made me realize that I can use my clinical knowledge more in a community setting than I would in a hospital. 4. I want to push community pharmacy towards the appointment-based model and inspire the next generation to see the benefits of CPESN community pharmacy and how they can get involved.” – Nevin Radechel, “I knew that I wanted to work in community pharmacy but completing a rotation at a CPESN site showed me there is a night and day difference between community pharmacies. Enhanced Services form the third tier of the community pharmacy contractual framework and are commissioned and funded by Health Boards. Has your experience working with a CPESN network pharmacy changed your goals for your future as a  newly graduated pharmacist? ESPhA’s mission is to serve as a clearinghouse for profit driving quality initiatives for community pharmacies. Paydens enhanced services. The NC Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) includes community pharmacies that have volunteered to collaborate with Community Care of North Carolina to provide enhanced pharmacy services to Medicaid and dually eligible Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries. The following sections and resources provide more information on locally commissioned services: Now, I know that I want to be a community pharmacist at a CPESN pharmacy where I can focus on the patients and the care I am providing.” – Justin Klein, “With my family owning pharmacies, I have spent my whole life in community pharmacy. CPESN USA is a clinically integrated network of community pharmacies that coordinates patient care with broader care teams to provide medication optimization activities and enhanced services for high-risk patients, Click the map to find a participating CPESN pharmacy near you. Instead of focusing on filling the prescription fast, accurately, inexpensively, and with little patient interaction, CPESN pharmacies focus on patients and providing a higher level of pharmacy care. ... NCS Pharmacy is a 340B contracted pharmacy that provides specialize pharmacy care and case management services to covered entities and their patients. Obviously, all pharmacists care about patients, but CPESN sites actually work with the patients and their providers to make therapy changes by actively checking a patient’s blood glucose, blood pressure, etc. Participating in a rotation at a CPESN site gave me mentorship that I would not receive elsewhere. Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks = Building a Network of Networks Nationwide CPESNSM USA empowers the community-based pharmacy to improve its portfolio of medication optimization activities and patient care services. Network sites have access to programs, such as MedWise, that offer a whole different perspective of the patient. 3. Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network® CPESN USA supports the pharmacy co-managing patients along with the extended care team. This lesson is an application-based CE activity and is targeted to pharmacists and technicians. Services such as synchronization of a patient’s chronic medication fill dates, adherence monitoring and coaching, compliance packaging, and home delivery are offered by many CPESN pharmacies. Nebraska Enhanced Services Pharmacies (NESP) Network is a health care quality improvement clinically integrated network (CIN) focused on developing and implementing enhanced patient care services with other providers, health systems, and accountable … CPESN pharmacies are HIPAA-covered entities, NC Medicaid providers, and also members of the broader CCNC care team. With our Enhanced Pharmacy Services, our … As Erin Dalton, a pharmacist at Moose Pharmacy, stated, “We became pharmacists to take care of our patients and this program allows us to do that.” The pharmacists in this program can identify ways to optimize therapy, help patients understand the importance of taking their medications as prescribed, work with patients and other health care professionals to resolve concerns with the patient’s medications, and develop patient-specific care plans to improve patient engagement and overall health. These services help to ensure that a patient’s care is consistent during transitions of care (CPESN Home: CPESN USA). “You have to be able to staff appropriately to be able to provide these services,” Pugh said. Identify how to implement patent centric care services. CPESN pharmacies have access to some clinical information and care team connectivity through CCNC’s PHARMACeHOME platform. Over time, pharmacists in CCNC have proven their ability to help reduce overall healthcare costs and decrease patient hospitalizations. Prescription Shop of Stuart, Stuart, FL The Prescription Shop of Stuart is an independent, locally owned pharmacy that has served the Treasure Coast for over 56 years. Enhanced Services InsightMG 2019-06-11T18:03:57+00:00 Enhanced Services Bank’s Apothecary is an independent accredited Specialty Pharmacy dedicated to providing personalized assistance to both the prescriber and patient, with assistance to rapid access to all prescription needs. As such, it is appropriate to share patient information with them for the purposes of care coordination and treatment. Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire has created a Services Checklist to help contractors with the different services offered, where to claim and when to claim by.  Below is the list of additional enhanced and optional services offered by CPESN pharmacies. They cared so much about me as a student and wanted to prepare me for my future as much as they could. Pharmacies participating in the grant additionally offer comprehensive medication review, care plan development and reinforcement, and longitudinal follow up as core services. Examples of pharmacy services that generally require a CPA include POC testing, refill authorizations, and therapeutic interchange. ), Medication Dispensing for Patients with Presumptive Medicaid Eligibility, Printout of Patient’s Personal Medication Record, Pre-filling Syringes for Oral AdministrationÂ. ABOUT NCS PHARMACY. Creating a Workflow for MTM and Other Pharmacy Services, Long Term Care Consultant Pharmacy: Present and Future Practice, Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative: Decentralizing the Hospital Practice, Incorporating MTM into the Retail Setting, A Pharmacy Value Proposition: Employers as Plan Sponsors, How To Help Your Patients Stay Adherent and Manage Chronic Disease, The Importance of Mental Health First Aid Training, Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks. “CPESN Home: CPESN USA.” CPESN USA, CPESN sites offer face-to-face access, medication reconciliation, clinical medication synchronization, immunizations, comprehensive medication reviews, personal medication records, and private counseling areas. Pugh recognizes that enhanced pharmacy services are a great niche for independent pharmacies because of the staffing situation. This allows us to expand our scope of practice and save the patient from making more appointments.” – Nevin Radechel, P4, “There is a definite difference between a CPESN and non-CPESN pharmacy. Enhanced pharmacy services transcend conventional requirements of an outpatient pharmacy program contract and are focused on improving clinical and global patient outcomes. Recognize out-of-pocket pay outs to patients and caregivers. You are going to need to get on the bandwagon, or you’ll be left at the station. Information on local enhanced services can also be found under the health board specific sections of the contractor's area. Entering into CPAs allow pharmacies to offer additional enhanced services that may help prescribers be success- ful in the MIPS program. Enhanced services have been introduced into community pharmacy to assist the NHS in improving and delivering a better level of care in the community. These are the sites available in Iowa, but CPESN is a national organization with 45 participating states, so check to see if the pharmacy in your hometown is in the network!                             Â, 24-hour Emergency Service/On Call – Dispensing and Non-Dispensing, Collection of Vital Signs or Standardized Assessments (PHQ, etc. Community pharmacy enhanced services networks (CPESN) pharmacies approach the practice of community pharmacy differently. The Colorado Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) is a high performance network that has adopted the tenets of value-based health care—increase the quality of patient care and reduce overall health care costs. Describe enhanced care services in a community pharmacy. Enhanced Services tag index page | Pharmacy Magazine. The CPESN is an opportunity to access a pharmacy network that supports the enhanced pharmacy service needs of patients who are beneficiaries of NC Medicaid, NC Health Choice, Medicare, and Medicare-Medicaid without additional cost to the patient. “In our pharmacy, the philosophy is taking care of the patient. If there is something you want to do, you will have the support and resources to expand your scope to focus on what you are passionate about.” – Nevin Radechel. Enhanced Pharmacy Services Helping to enhance the quality of your life. Advice For Students Completing APPE Preferences: “CPESN is the direction that pharmacy is headed. With 20 years of combined pharmacy experience in Lancaster County, PA, we call this community home. Additional benefits of working with CPESN pharmacies include: To better coordinate care with the medical home, pharmacies may contact your practice for patient records, such as medication lists, medical problem lists, or the care plan from the most recent office visit. The eCare plans are important as the network can take these to payers and providers to show the benefit and value pharmacists bring when negotiating contracts, payment for services, and collaborative relationships. The pharmacists at these sites are basically non-existent in the dispensing process and have more time to work with the patients and make clinical recommendations. Enhanced Services Details of the Choose Pharmacy Service are available on the Contractor's area of the website. If there was an opportunity for me to grow by completing a project or participating in an activity, it was given to me.” – Monica Nikseresht, P4. This allows the pharmacist to analyze the different risks and individualize the plan to the patient and their medications to provide optimal care.” – Justin Klein, P4, “CPESN sites take patient care to the next level and allows us to advocate for our patients. List services commonly considered as enhanced care. Enhanced Medication Services integrates into pharmacy management systems to provide pharmacists clinical opportunities and medication synchronization to reduce DIR fees. The way that their pharmacies operate now may be a non-traditional pharmacy experience, but a few years from now it will be the traditional community pharmacy experience. “Not only did it change my plans, but it also made my goals for the future. Local Services (Enhanced) Welcome to the local services section of the website. Drake has established and offers numerous IPPE and APPE rotations at CPESN sites in Iowa. CPESN pharmacies generally offer a comprehensive review of a patient’s medication regimen along with care plan development/reinforcement and longitudinal follow up. 3.5 Clinical pharmacists will have a leadership role in supporting further integration of general practice with the wider healthcare teams (including community and hospital pharmacy) to help improve patient outcomes, ensure better access to healthcare and help manage general practice workload. CPESN is a clinically integrated network of community pharmacies across the United States that focuses on quality improvement through newly enhanced services. Network pharmacy goals emphasize improving global patient outcomes and decreasing overall health care costs. ... Services Checklist 2020 . ENHANCED SERVICES Medication Packaging. There is a much more personal touch and a wider variety of clinical services to ensure that the patient needs the medication and it is the right medication for them. Download : The Pharmaceutical Services (Advanced and Enhanced Services) (England) Directions 2011 PDF , 292KB , 21 pages This file may not be suitable for users of … CPESN networks give pharmacies a platform and a voice to stand up to the insurance and show the value we are providing to patients. Reinforcement of the patient’s care plan; Enhanced care coordination and additional monitoring between provider office visits for patients, especially those who are non-adherent to medications and/or are medically complex; Pharmacy communications that reflect genuine patient interactions and clinically significant medication-related concerns, as compared to information about drug-drug interactions or therapeutic duplications that may have low clinical significance; Potential streamlining / consolidation of medical office communications, particularly around medication refill requests. In-depth Medication Therapy Management sessions are available with your pharmacist to ensure you are the most cost effective, simple regimen. Accreditation process for Enhanced Services in Wales from April 2018 This benefits manufacturers because it provides enhanced support of their post-marketing, phase 4 … Optional Enhanced Services Provided by CPESN Pharmacies: Click here to find out more about the Pharmacist eCare Plan.